May 29, 2001
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A little while ago matt posted a link about this traceroute app. the link has expired, but the company is still there and, presumably, still sells the product. yet, there is a free version available. very cool visual packet/hop/latency program, lets you zoom in on the maps but i suspect they provide less detail than the neotrace pay version.
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One quirky issue with this app and others like it is that it relies on ARIN's address data to geographicly plot the location of various IP addresses. That means, for instance, that most of Speakeasy's IPs, weather actually routed to NYC, SFO or DFW, show up as being located at Speakeasy's mailing address, in Seattle. Otherwise a very nice program.
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Speaking of graphical net tools, Webtracer, still beta software, shows a 3-D, node-and-line version of the structure of a given site. The program, something between net-art and utilities, is only for Windows, but it can still make some curious images.
Note: be careful what url you enter in the program --it will scan for links and retrieve for further scanning even .zip's!
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Neoworx used to make a neat program called HackTracer or similar which used the same technology as Neotrace, but I think they've changed the name. I had it installed on my machine and must say it's very entertaining to see a screen pop up saying that someone is portscanning, then another pop-up tracing the source of the scan on a graphical map. Sci-Fi meets reality?
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