Flickr [hearts] Panda
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This post will walk you through the weirdest thing: Flickr's mysterious obsession with Pandas (previously on MeFi: Link).
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More info from Flickr & Metafilter's own revdancatt
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The magic donkey was also the force governing Cal Henderson's previous project, b3ta
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The blog entry sucks all the mystery out of it. On the other hand, since I read it last Tuesday it made the Innerlogics post a bit cringeworthy. Flickr's not hiding anything, Innerlogics just isn't doing a good job of research.
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Innerlogistics, not innerlogics. Hoisted by my own petard, I am.
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I couldn't make heads or tails out of most of that first link.
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From my (far too prolific) hanging around the Help group/forum on Flickr (now The Forum) the idea of the pandas themselves came from The Searcher and a few other people as an amusing response to the many (oh god, the many) explore related questions that weren't swayed by the "It's a Magic Donkey, dude!" responses. A group was created later (Secrets of Explore) that had an equally evolving invite code and icon related to pandas as time wnet on. Much rejoicing was had among those involved when Flickr unofficially adopted it by creating the vomiting Panda page that the Rev mentions. It first broke cover in a Help Forum post from him, if I recall (or maybe from Heather).

The creation of the Rainbow vomiting Panda took some time to evolve, and the Staff seemed to adopt it and it worked from there. I'm pretty sure the first Panda impetus started from the Help Forum. It was a lot of fun to watch unfold.
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So...when can we expect #1 to create a Meta page featuring vomiting ponies?
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1. Generate Intrigue
2. Increase Pageviews
3. ???
4. Profit
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Dito on not making heads or tails out of Link#1.

I don't see why they had to make it so complicated; had they just told me it was a magical tale of Vomiting Panda vs. Magic Donkey, I would have politely nodded and continued on my way.
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My Interestingness level was rising.

Oh dear, no. Your Confusingness level, however, is impressively high.
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I just vomited. Uploading photos to flickr now...
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I can't help but think that creating an API for your easter eggs is like a big flashing FIRE US indicator to their Yahoo overlords.
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I have to say I really hate the whole 'interestingness'-whoring thing that's grown up around Explore, with the groups requiring comments and so on.
The worst thing is, a lot of the stuff that's being pushed to the top is pure unadulterated crap- garish HDRs with semi-literate comments like "OMG THANKS FOR THE CMOMENT BUDY!! UR SUCH AN ARTIST!!!!!!" and so on. To be honest, I suspect that the prevalence of gaudy and garish stuff on Explore has something to do with how most people on Flickr (or at least those who throw lots of time into groups) have horrible taste.

All that said, I've got a photostream.
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I have to say I really hate the whole 'interestingness'-whoring thing that's grown up around Explore, with the groups requiring comments and so on.

I'll second that!
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Panda-ring to the masses?
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