Mi Vida Loca
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Courtesy of the BBC, an award-winning mystery masquerading as a language education program.

Mi Vida Loca is a rather interesting series of interactive, self-guided Spanish conversation exercises for English-speaking users; what's novel about them is that they are embedded within a "you are there" story about a woman whose job as a journalist has apparently earned her some shady enemies. Simple tasks like paying for a meal or buying a bus ticket take on a heightened urgency as you struggle not only to learn the language and make your way around a foreign country, but also to catch up with your mysterious new friend and find out what's really going on. The series recently (as in about a week ago) won a BAFTA TV Craft Award for Interactive Innovation - Service Platform.
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Double-Post Disclaimer: I know that the BBC Languages section has been previously mentioned on MeFi, but this series seemed like a very new, very different addition that did not exist in 2006. So there you go.
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This sounds very similiar to Clara Perspectiva, a "telenovela" that is bundled with my Spanish book. I'm currently in the third level of International Baccalaureate Spanish (or, if you prefer, Espanol del Bachillerato Internacional), and it is a tenet of the third level that you follow a telenovela to really integrate the language.

However, in the past, we followed La Catrina, following a young woman trying to execute her deceased wealthy grandfather's will. This year, Clara Perspectiva seems very similar to Mi Vida Loca, without the first-person integration: a teenager works as an intern at a upscale magazine (a la Ugly Betty) but then her college professor is abducted and she goes on a quest to "discover the truth".

I'm curious how much better the BBC programme is over this series that is bundled with our textbook.
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I thought this was going to be about Ghost Writer. This looks nice, too.
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Japanese take
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This is great timing--I am going to Barcelona soon, after not having been there in over ten years. Needless to say, my Spanish (limited to begin with) has atrophied.

I just did the first lesson and it was excellent. This is so well done--truly an engaging method for language learning.
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Before I read the BBC mention, I thought for sure this would be Destinos.
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This is standard (i.e. marvelous) for the BBC, that used to have such great shows as "Suivez La Piste" and... er, a German one we used to watch in the early 60s.

If you're going to watch a language show, it might as well be exciting, right?
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OMG seandq, I watched La Catrina in high school spanish back in...2001 I think? I bet you don't have the pleasure of watching it on laserdisc.

I am all about a good dramatization of ordering food and inquring about the time.
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These are so oddly compelling. I'm not even sure I'm learning that much Spanish. I think I'm just a sucker for second-person POV movies.
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It's somehow reminiscent of "Gerda malaperis!", a mystery story for beginning Esperanto students.
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OMG! Those bastards! They kidnapped her! They didn't count on my uncanny property buying skills though.
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This is superb, I've been meaning to learn Spanish for sometime, and this is in exactly the right format to hook me in. Might be a while before I can watch Abre los Ojos without subtitles, but I look forward to the day!
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I've been loving Mi Vida Loca for some weeks now. Very excited about Destinos now though, thanks punchdrunkhistory.
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This rocks.
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You can watch Destinos for free here.
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