'Necklace' designed to aid those with profound hearing loss.
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'Necklace' designed to aid those with profound hearing loss. Almost totally deaf and reliant on lip reading since her 20s, Sherry Cramer couldn't believe her ears in 1994 when she first wore the microphone array necklace that electrical engineering Professor Bernard Widrow and his students had designed. Listening to a CD, she could hear every note of a Rachmaninoff piano concerto as the necklace received and transmitted sound in magnetic form to her behind-the-ear hearing aid.
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I love cyborg stuff.
A wee bit more in the vaporware dept, yet still not too far off is this.

Or, god willing, this.
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More and more, I feel like we're all living in a really well written science fiction novel. Stuff like this kicks ass.
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What is not mentioned in this article is that this necklace will only really help those who had hearing at one point in the past and lost it, and whose hearing organs are still intact. I worked at a deaf theater for two years - two of the deafies (deaf-hearing world slang for deaf person) were deaf from birth, and two more were deaf from childhood because of illness. This apparatus wouldn't help them at all, unless it were connected to a cochlear implant, which is a whole different can of worms altogether.

That said, it is an amazing breakthrough for people who are losing their hearing and just need a better hearing aid. But it shouldn't be seen as a panacea.
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Very stylish.
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I saw another variant of this some time ago that uses receivers that are so small, they have to be attached to the eardrum with a drop of oil. Neat.
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This is when I thank G-d for geeky researcher types. Absolutely cool.
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I'm gonna need one of these one day, I'm glad the tech development curve is still ahead of my troubles.
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I want one of these and I hear fine already.
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