'I ask you to keep the images and albums with the numerous drawings and models that I created for you humans.'
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The Leonardo of Wermsdorf: technical illustrations by Karl Hans (Joachim) Janke
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These, these are the people I wish to meet.

Not necessarily of the delusional type, but thinkers of such things as the Cyclop: First Large-borne aircraft, and of that airy interplanetary apparatus.
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You forgot to mention that this epic (ha!) blog belongs to none other than Mefi's Own peacay.
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Actually, I meant to!
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Previously on Metafilter.
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Damn, that guy's got some fierce handwriting.

(Also, yay spaceships!)
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This is brilliant. Cheers
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The drawings are mostly from the 1950s but they have a 1930s "Buck Rogers" vibe. Only a few drawings have the lethal sleekness of modern aerospace engineering; I wonder if he didn't have access to current (that is, 1950s - 1960s) magazines and books, or whether his mental illness wasn't too advanced in the 1930s and so that was his personal Golden Age, but he seems to have gotten stuck in the balloony cartoony look of the 1930s. There was also a pretty strong emphasis on German this and German that, and I wonder if that's a lingering echo of the ultra-nationalism of the 1930s.

Is it common for schizophrenics, as part of their general abnormal perception of reality, to get "stuck" in a previous era? Of course this guy could have simply been nostalgic for a better time in his life, or just liked the looks of 1930s comic books, but I wonder how schizophrenia played a role in his "engineering" process.
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