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Rachell Sumpter takes color and detail to the extreme in her art exhibits, reminiscent of Fantasia in a sense. Sumpter is developing quite the portfolio as demonstrated at the Richard Heller Gallery.

Her painting Finery reminds me of the Great Pacific Garbage Vortex, unfortunately.
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So, that first link is pretty cool and everything, but it also looks a lot like a desktop image for Windows 7.

I suppose that turns out to be a compliment to Microsoft.
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These groupings rule.

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oddman, tell me who doesn't want GFAR puke beards.
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Well, I loved the paper cover of the monster cover.
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Floam, follow the Sumpter link. Jen Beckman's gallery sells really nice prints for between 20-2000 dollars. I bought a print from her gallery and it is really vivid and did not disappoint. I still really want this photo on my wall too now that I'm looking.

The 20x200 pages is a good bookmark. It looks like Rachell's work has shown up twice before and might show up again.
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Three years ago, Rachell Sumputer made pictures for my blog, illustrating songs by Cat Power, Smog and the Silver Jews.
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