Knife? Check. Mic? Check. Cow? Dead.
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If the worlds of upmarket foodie porn and hip-hop collided, what would you find at the crash site? Behold, The Rhyming Chef, who will threaten local cows and sing you through the preparation of dishes like the Barbuda Get Laid Salad.

The Rhyming Chef (see this brief video from The Star) is actually a Torontonian of Barbudan extraction by the name of Philman George. George grew up in Regent Park, a run-down project, and went on to scale the city's restaurant establishment until he made executive chef at a hoity-toity yacht club on the Toronto Islands.

His lifelong love of hip-hop, however, gave him an entrée into this particular schtick. It's tame, fun, appetizing stuff; my personal favourite is his recipe for chili, which begins a fair warning to his future ingredients. The rest of his stuff is on his YouTube channel.
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Someone give this man a TV show. And while you're at it, stab Sandra Lee in the heart with a stake.
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And while you're at it, stab Sandra Lee in the heart with a stake.

Don't be ridiculous. Like that could kill her. You need amulets and a piece of the true cross and shit.
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That's a crazy salad. Has anyone tried it?
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oh so good! He has infectious enthusiasm too.
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Hmmm. I guess I'm a cowboy, then, because chili does not have kidney beans. And it certainly does not have carrots.

I also notice a decided lack of any sort of peppers.

I do love his enthusiasm, though, for sure.
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some chilis do have kidney beans....unless you are saying that there is only one true chili or something.

And I agree, some actual peppers would be nice...but i love the enthusiasm...and i have to say " i want to make chili outta you..." is golden
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