Bye, Bye Butterstick.
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Tai Shan the panda more commonly known as Butterstick is being deported to China. His parents will be joining him at the end of 2010.
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A bit of background as to the name.
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Butterstick, was given that name by DC bloggers.

One of whom is my cousin!
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I think "deported" is misleading. The National Zoo asked that the panda's loan be extended.
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He isn't cute anymore, so fuck him. More room for the red pandas!
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I think "deported" is misleading.

The article doesn't even mention what he did to get kicked out of the country.
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Yeah, "deported" is a pretty loaded word. I mean, it's not like the panda got pulled over for driving erratically and upon running his plates the police officer discovered that not only had Tai Shan's student visa expired, but the panda wasn't even attending community college anymore because he'd dropped out so he could spend more time on his music and get his shit together and play Xbox.
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We'll all miss him, but soon enough there will be some new hot young starlet panda turning everyone's heads.

I'm still upset that they got rid of the bat cave. How can you have a proper zoo with no bats? *fume*
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Yeah, "deported" is a pretty loaded word.

Though probably not as bad as the phrase "snatched away from us," which is used in the dcist article.
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My sister, who lives near the National Zoo, often visits the pandas after a bad break-up, or a good break-up, or at the start of a new relationship, or after the second date, or when she is sad, or when she is happy, or when she is bored, or when she is too busy and needs a break, or when she's trying to avoid her roommates, or when she wants to show her roommates a good time, or when she is sick, or when she is well, or....

She's addicted to the pandas. If they all leave and a replacement is not found, a pandadone if you will, I fear for her health. She's nearing the end of grad school and is only holding on to her sanity by the thinnest of threads. Sans-panda, she will snap, smearing her face with white greasepaint and darkening circles around her eyes as she prowls the city following people wearing monochrome clothes (why won't anyone think of the ska bands!?). Her stalking will develop overtime as she puts together a rudimentary panda costume. She will be a ghost in black and white.

Her last act will be to be gunned downed by zookeepers with tranquilizer guns as she desperately tries to climb into the vacant panda enclosure in an attempt to go home once more.
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He'll be going off on a "breeding mission" which is really just a polite way of saying "panda sex tourism."
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Screw pandas.
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They got rid of the batcave? I can remember going to the Zoo on field trips and walking in there and seeing that Batman logo on the wall and thinking that was the coolest shit ever.
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Sniff. I need a new handle... suggestions?
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Robocop: Well, she'll just have to move. Memphis still has pandas, and I think San Diego does, as well.
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There are red pandas, but those are generally unsatisfactory to the addict.

Ailuropoda melanoleuca is a gateway animal: unless you stage an intervention, your sister is probably going to be doing meerkats three times a day.
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I was sooo hoping that second link would lead to a picture of a panda eating a stick of butter.
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The comments made in this SLYT video do not represent the opinions or policies of Mrs Shotglass. But damn is it fun.
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That little guy brought me moments of joy during a miserable year with a jerk of a boss. Bless the National Zoo and the Panda Cam. Now go make more baby pandas, kthxbai.
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