Tilting at windmills: Scott Walker's 60s BBC TV Show
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Scott Walker's BBC TV program, simply titled Scott, ran for just six weeks in 1969. While footage has yet to surface (the 2006 Walker documentary 30 Century Man was unable to unearth anything), the audio portion of the two half-hour pilot episodes from 1968 has been made available [ep1-Aug 6] [ep2-Dec. 30], along with a thoughtful article. Scott performs some fine covers, including Jacques Brel's "Matilda" and "If You Go Away" in the August episode. (guest star: Kiki Dee)
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If I recall correctly, this was recorded by somebody with a mic up to the TV speaker (unless it's a new source). Also, all 'live' performances were most likely lipsynced.
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I had no idea that he had a TV show. But now I that I think about it, it makes total sense. He was a natural.
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If you've never heard of Scott Walker before, listen to It's Raining Today, recorded in 1968. Walker was doing that kind of stuff before Brian Eno. Actually, Walker and Eno collaborated on six tracks or so, but Walker (so the story goes) through the master tapes into the Thames river.
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I'm a big Scott fan, and I seem to recall reading somewhere that Auntie Beeb had wiped the tapes, or lost them, or somehow or other made a pig's ear of archiving them. Unfortunately this is a fate suffered by a disturbing amount of 60's BBC material. So don't hold your breath.....
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Oh and for Scott newbies a reasonable start point is the Boy Child compilation. Forget the Walker Brothers stuff - which was undoubtedly good - because Scott went to a whole other place solo.....
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Wait, what? A Scott Walker TV show?!?
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Forget the Walker Brothers?!

You'd better not be including Nite Flights in that.

Also, 30 Century Man is absolutely terrible as a documentary. Like, really remarkably bad. You get no information out of it that 30 minutes on the internet wouldn't have been able to give you in 2001.
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Yes. I was really looking forward to 30 Century Man, and I was really disappointed.
The bio part seems to zoom past the middle phase (around Scott 3) faster than I would of liked.
The interviewer(s) seem too much in awe of his profound rep to ask really interesting questions.

Big Louise.
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Could someone give Scott Walker a TV show now, please? A variety show, like That David Sanborn Sunday Night Night Music Show. Put it on right after Craig Ferguson for easy DVRing.

Hey, it could happen.
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I knew nothing of the horses...
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I had no idea this ever existed. Thanks for adding this to the list of things I'll dream about seeing, along with original cuts of Magnificent Ambersons and Greed.
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30 Century Man really sags when they play a Scott cut and throw on lame screen saver visuals. I can do that at home for free.

My favorite part is Eno talking about the first four tracks on Nite Flights and stating that music hasn't progressed any further in the last three decades.
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I have to redo my previous comment, after finding a video I had never seen before and am now smitten with. Ahem:

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2nding Fellini Blank. NOW is the time for Scott to have a TV show. I just know it would be epic.
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NOW is the time for Scott to have a TV show. I just know it would be epic.

And to get it just right, he'd do one every ten years.

Or maybe 20 lovely ladies compete for Scott's love in Scott Walker: The Old Man's Back Again.
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