In the Garden of Lady Worden
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The primarily instrumental band Clogs finally finds its voice, with Shara Worden (mp3) -- she of My Brightest Diamond and the Decemberists -- leading the vocal charge in their new album The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton. (The album also features Sufjan Stevens and Matt Berninger.)
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Wow, this is like a reunion of the 2007 Music Now Festival, which was, btw, completely amazing, so I can only imagine this album will be as well.
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But I like them because they're instrumental. They sound totally Windham Hill, now. Yuck.
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I love Shara Worden's voice, and I rarely go a day without listening to Bring Me The Workhorse (the whole album). I hope this Clogs thing retains her uncanny sense for drama and composition. And even if it doesn't, well, we'll always have Feelin' Good.
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Shara doing "Crazy on You" during The Decemberists' most recent Hazards of Love tour was incredible. Imagine hearing what you hear in the video amplified. Nuts, I tell you.
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This is the first time I've heard her or of her. I like. Reminds me of Faun Fables singer Dawn McCarthy.
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sounds like early Joanna Newsom being attacked by a shop vac.
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I love My Brightest Diamond, thanks for the post!
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Shara's awesome. I used to run a Jeff Buckley tribute in Toronto a few years back and we had her up once or twice. Absolutely sublime version of Gunshot Glitter.
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I learned from a recent Mefi FPP that she's not very good because "her most famous song is a cover."

Just kidding, I love her songs and singing. Thanks for the post -- I'll listen to this when I get a chance.
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