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A new album from The Fall is slated to be released by Domino April 26th.

They've been playing the new songs live since early last year. This League of Bald-Headed Men apparently could not wait.

I case you were wondering, this is the incongruous sample that opens and closes "Cowboy George".
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I'll-uh buy-uh this-uh rrrrrecord-uh.
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Whenever I get the urge to listen to The Fall, I just watch this instead.
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I saw him gently usher/shove a bouncer off stage at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow last year.

Always different, always the same.
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If we had a new FPP every time The Fall issued a new record (or changed line-ups!), he'd have more tags than Relationships, I'm sure. Even so, I love the man dearly. The Fall are second only to Einst├╝rzende Neubauten in my universe.
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Von Sudenfed is my fave MES album (Fall album) this century, behind Imperial Wax Solvent.
I had to boil the chicken.
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FHR and TRNFLP don't sound right to me- I think because of the vocal production.
I think Your Future Our Clutter sounds much more unified. It's very lean. Not that I've heard it.

Has anyone heard the Gorillaz track that MES is on?
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Being a long time Fall means a series of disappointments and pleasant surprises. But before each album I'm optimistic that this will be one of the great ones. From what I've heard so far, this one might go in the plus column.
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don't look like no goddamn singer-songwriter to me.
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When what used to excite you does not. Like you've used up all your allowance of experiences.
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' Bury ' is classic Fall - i'm not too sure on the other tracks so far.

I first saw them doing kurious oranj at the kings theatre in edinburgh, late eighties - you could sneak in the side door, they were on for the whole week with michael clark and leigh bowery.
It wasnt difficult to get a seat as you had ballet folk walking out at half time - a whole week of going to see the fall, it was great.
My first experience of them is listening to dragnet while playing an old speccy game called tau ceti - which was played in a huge 3d barren landscape - they go together really well.
Drinking backstage with the great man for about 5 secs was also a top highlight.
they do edinburgh on the 24th which might be good - its a small venue and the last time i saw them play a pub here it was tremendous.

bang fucking bang, the mighty fall.
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By what strange and unholy alchemy does this old rambling alcy geezer MES still manage with sublime and volatile incoherence to coax out such cutting, remarkable bits of inspired and sculpted dissonance from musicians not half his age? 'Tis truly a wonder. Long live the Fall.
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This looks like an opportune time to mention The Fallen - a book for which the author tracked down the many ex-members who fell by the wayside over the years. ("NOW with added ex-members!")

There's an article here, as well as a recent one in the Independent covering both the new album & the book.
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Item: “I just couldn't get into IWS (though Duped is a metric ton of fun). Unutterable and Real New Fall LP work as my favorite Fall releases of the past decade, though I have to agree with you about the Von Sud album. Hell, it's one of the best MES items period.”

"Alton Towers" was the best lyric Mark's sung on a Fall album in more than two decades, methinks, although there were tunes I really loved on Real New Fall LP too (principally "Mountain Energei").

I don't know how I missed Tromatic Reflexxions. I'm now going to have to snap me up a copy of that.

The Fall is the greatest rock band. That's all there is to it. And Mark E Smith is the greatest lyricist of the last fifty years, at least. Brilliant man, that.
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applemeat: “When what used to excite you does not. Like you've used up all your allowance of experiences.”

Never needed urging to step s'ways in the direction of thee mighty Fall.
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I've never felt better in my life.
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Hey sgt.serenity - I too saw the Fall for the first time at the Playhouse in Edinburgh doing kurious oranj - I didn't sneak through the side door though, wish I had as that sounds fun. I was about 17, my ballet dancing girlfriend was mad on Michel Clarke knew I liked the Fall so she got us tickets. It was awesome - I can remember Brix on a giant wheeled hamburger and an old firm (Celtic vs. Rangers) match played out through the medium of dance. Going to see them at Studio 24 too - can't wait.
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