Beginner Cat Yodeling is a prerequisite for this course.
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Happy Caturday! How about some Advanced Cat Yodeling?

This video is a follow-up to the popular (previously discussed) Engineer's Guide to Cats.
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Aww, I needed the smile this put on my face.
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Turns out there's a middle video in the series: Cat Yodeling with Cat Polka.

No cats were harmed in the making of this presentation, merely annoyed.
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My orange cat softly meows whenever he moves about the house. No need for these techniques!
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So. That is what we've been doing!
I thought I was just harassing the cat.
Turns out we are musicians!
Wonderful post. Thanks.
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Two of my favorite things: cats and geeks.
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Ah, but behold Standing Cat.
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My Grey is an up-and-coming opera singer. His arias are mainly inspired by the spiders who occasionally crawl around on my walls (outside, eh, I have a patio). Upon sighting a spider, Grey will launch into his solos full-bore, alternating staccato ("mew, maow, mew") and legato ("meeeeeeOOOOOoowwwAAArrraaaaOOOOwwwwww"), usually in the forte to forte-fortissimo dynamic range, and lasting anywhere from one to ten minutes. Neighbors are, thankfully, also cat-inclined and so will occasionally compliment me on encouraging I don't, really, I just get a kick out of talking to him while he meows his musical interludes and interest in keeping my exterior walls spider-free.
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Standing Cat will be on the upcoming list for Awesome Cats of 2010, of course.
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Here's something newer from the same guys. Short and sweet.
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Thanks for the laugh!

I knew that something was missing from my day--little did I know that it was an instructional video on teaching your cat to yodel.
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PS: We've been trying all day here at the 'moonHouse to get our cats to yodel. Turns out, they're too used to being picked up and smooched to even register the faintest bit of annoyance, much less any kind of vocalization whatsoever.

I'm thinking we need new test subjects.
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the application of the lint lifter in the final moments makes it worth the cat annoyance

also: standing cat freaks me the FUCK OUT. seriously. standing cat will be in my nightmares
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This confused our cats. Of course. And now I'm going to moderately annoy them.

To be fair, Yorvit yodels when we come home. As we're walking up the stairs, he'll wait at the top and yodel a little, and if we yodel back, he yodels more enthusiastically. Pretty great.
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i mean, the annoyance of cats. i rarely find cats annoying
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OMG. Standing Cat has been enhanced.
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Perfect, maudlin!
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