The Anachronism
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The Anachronism "On a sun dappled summer day a science expedition propels two children toward an enigmatic encounter at the edge of their known world. Arriving on an isolated beach, they stumble upon the shipwreck of a robotic squid submarine." A short film, project site, via.
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Now, that is some nice work right there. Thanks!
posted by Guy_Inamonkeysuit at 5:48 AM on April 23, 2010

Great short.
posted by gonna get a dog at 6:11 AM on April 23, 2010

Oyrx and Crake
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That was really cool. Can anyone get all of the recorded lines coming from the robo-squid? They're in Japanese, and I'm getting parts of it, but not enough to give a coherent translation.

The second part is kind of chilling - it makes the whole thing really get to me, because I clearly hear the girl's voice saying "Dad, can you hear me?", and then asking her mother to please do something.
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I'm not sure how to read the Japanese -- is it supposed to be literally Japanese? As in "the people who built the squid-thing are inhabitants of an alternate steampunk-world ocean-focused Japan?" Or is Japanese just standing in for $EXOTIC_LANGUAGE because the creators happened to speak it and figured much of their audience wouldn't? Either way, that's really well done for a budget short. There was one zoom that really read as amateur to me, particularly in contrast to all the other really well-done camera shots, but I think it's because there was no place to set up a dolly on that rocky beach. They also could have benefitted from some color grading on the exterior shots (particularly the forest), but hey, everyone's a critic and I've certainly never made something that cool, so I should probably shut up.
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Ahem. Well done _crane_ shots. I need coffeee.
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Wow, that was really stunning.
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Can anyone translate the Japanese bit?
posted by Xoder at 7:49 AM on April 23, 2010

That was just amazing.
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If I didn't like it I should go sit at another table, right?

I didn't like the writing (kids know the tide comes in, they call it the tide, not 'the water is rising'.)
And some of the shots looked computery-faked. And I hate steampunk. And Anime. The ending was good though. And it looked mostly really good. I'll stay over here.

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That closing shot really works, both visually and thematically.
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Filmed in Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver.
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You're not alone, From Bklyn.
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The Japanese is really hard to make out. Basically, the robot squid from from 2000 years in the future.

Later, the voice repeats: "Mommy, Daddy, can you hear me?"
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Actual punk : Steampunk :: Actual funk : that weird funk that collects between my toes when I don't change my socks
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How wonderful that they didn't try to wrap it up nice and tidy.
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Nice. Ambiguous. Love the scenery. Actually steampunk, too, and in a good way.

The acting occasionally jarred me, and the lighting at the end could have been better. But it was interesting, mysterious, and a little frightening; I think they succeeded at what they set out to do.
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