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The complete series of interviews of Alfred Hitchcock by François Truffaut (with interpreter Helen Scott) which were used to create the classic book, with some nice photos and commentary.
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(Thanks to askme folks for introducing me to this awesome book)
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I thought for sure this was a double, but I guess it just faked me out by jumping in the San Francisco Bay

Thanks for this.
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This is one of my favorite books. MCMikeNamara, it's obvious you could never be the keeper of the 39 Steps.
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I love this book. I had no idea audio of the interviews was available. Thanks for this!
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Nthing the others.

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thank you!
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certifiably fantastic. thanks!
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Whenever I read about the master of suspense, I can't help but remember how, years ago, his name was routinely translated to "Alfred Hitchman-meat" by Worth1000's automatic obscenity filter. They have since re-coded the system but I kinda liked the old one better.
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Spun around in happy circles so many times when I saw this that I got Vertigo.
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Dial "A" for Awesome.
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This is better than when Elvis met Nixon.
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Hitchcock/Truffaut is literally one of the two or three truly essential books on film. Thanks for this.
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I always get the impression from this business that Truffaut was, with his comments, sort of leading Hitchcock into and out of answers that made the most sense or best fit with Truffaut's own views on filmmaking, like he'll take something Hitchcock says and run with it somewhere and Hitchcock will just sort of pleasantly mhm him and move on, not bothering to contradict this dude who's obviously a massive massive fan and highly influential and respectable in his own right.
(that said, this is awesome!)
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Sticherbeast, I think it was you who recommended it to me on AskMe. I love it. And TEDBH, listening to the audio you can see how clever the editing is in the book. Truffaut seems to allow himself a lot of long exposition that wasn't included in the book.
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Thank you so much!
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Everyone else has already said it, but I'll say it anyway; love the book, great post, thank you.
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Thanks for this!
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Just started listening to this: it's amazing! The book's one of very few I kept after my Great Bookshelf Purge, and one I read over and over. Thanks for this awesome resource.
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