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Julia Kotowski, otherwise known as entertainment for the braindead, has released several rather good albums under a Creative Commons licence: Hypersomnia, Hydrophobia, Seven (+1), Raw Timber and the banjo-heavy Roadkill.
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This is really beautiful stuff. Thank you!
posted by sirvesa at 1:08 AM on June 3, 2010

Her songs are marvellous little pearls.

She is touring a lot in small venues in Germany, so don't miss if you have the chance. As subsitute, watch some of here performances on Youtube. This concert in Paris (2, 3), has a nice back story (in German). Basically, some guy in a blog comment jokingly asked if she could come around and play - and she did.
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I don't like that she has subsumed my specialty: interpretive tap dancing for the braindead.
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