Vattu, with bated breath
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Order of Tales has ended. However, you can read it in its entirety from the beginning. This follow up to Rice Boy (previously, previouslier) has gorgeous art and an epic story. Action, adventure, beautiful hand-drawn typography. Now we wait for Evan Dahm's next project.
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It's pretty incredible. I read it in one go, over a couple of hours, just mesmerized.

I think it ranks pretty highly among comic books in general. Way more satisfying than many trades I've bought through Vertigo...
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That reminds me. I need to order the first two books. I have a hard time reading long form comics on the internet.
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I read Rice Boy a while back, and was stunned. When I heard about Order of Tales, I checked out the first few pages. I'm waiting for some down time where I can really get into it. I can't recommend Rice Boy enough. It was stunning, and I don't use that word lightly. I read a lot of internet comics, but aside from The Abominable Charles Christopher, these are the only ones I seriously consider buying in print. Just so beautifully drawn, and so well told.
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Oh! I started this yesterday, and quickly got engrossed, then had to go do something else. Thanks for reminding me that I should go read this!
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I had completely forgotten this was underway. Thanks for bringing it up. Rice Boy was amazing, and I'm looking forward to this.
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I think I like this one better than Rice Boy, and I liked Rice Boy quite a bit. I might have to read them both through again to make sure...

I also rate it pretty highly among comics in general. Certainly a high point in fantasy comics this year.
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Thanks for this! I read Rice Boy right when it ended and forgot to come back for Order of Tales. Awesome.
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I absolutely loved Rice Boy. Order of Tales doesn't quite measure up, in my opinion, but I'm still really excited for Vattu. The short stories are also quite good.

Overside is so alive. I find it hard to describe exactly what makes it pop for me, but there's a certain exotic quality expressed in an unassuming tone, i.e. there isn't any feeling of "ooh look at how fanciful and quirky everything is!"
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I love all of the Overside comics so much! They're each wonderful in their own way--Rice Boy's freewheeling strangeness, the sure-handed realistic-epicness of Order of Tales, and the way the short stories seem to crystallize some particular moment or the span of centuries in just a few gorgeous pages. I need to re-read OoT now that it's a complete thing so I can get a feel for the full sweep of the story arc. I can't wait to see the next comic unfold--I'm glad there are many stories to tell :)
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Wow! This is really great, can't believe I haven't seen this before. I'm reading through the archive online but I'm highly tempted to buy the book. Thanks for sharing this!
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I've been reading this since the start, but I missed the final update due to being busy with packing and birthday shenanigans. Thanks for the reminder!

Really, I should just wait for him to put together the last book and order it all as a birthday present to myself...
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How are the print editions? I'm a big Dahm fan but I don't want to buy some kind of unreadable cheapie. If they're nice I'll shell out in a second.
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I have the Rice Boy book, although I haven't bought OoT yet, and the printing on Rice Boy is pretty good. It's not full-commercial-press quality, but the colors are very bright and the book feels solid for how thick it is. I'd love to see a Marvel or DC quality book with Rice Boy's stunning colors, but the book on offer does a fine job. I'd imagine that OoT would be perfectly fine at the quality of the Rice Boy book.
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