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Dagestan - the place where they know how to really have a wedding party (slyt)
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yeah, I got drunk once too.
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Here's a pretty amazing color photo from ~1910 of a Sunni Dagestani.
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I've posted it before, but the girl dancing in this video of a wedding in Buynaksk is truly amazing.
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Hah, Dagestan's Funniest Home Videos is my favorite television show, too!
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Mute sound, play this in the background.
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I don't know what I was expecting but I definitely wasn't expecting the greatest thing in the entire world. From now on, if I'm ever asked: "How was the party?" My standard response will be: "Pretty great, but not as good as a Dagestani wedding."
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Now, this is my idea of a fun wedding.

Just completely blind drunk spastic hopping around and tumbling....I wish weddings were that much fun here. At a certain point it reminded me of a more low key moshing...especially when everyone would run over to help someone if they fell down.
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Hey, I was at that party too, sgt.serenity. I lost a contact lens. MeFi mail me if you found it.
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Dagestan: The Irish and Greek Wedding Capital of the World
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What I found most heartening was the affirmation that, around the globe, one universal constant is the look of a completely unimpressed bride.
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Vodka is a hell of a drug.
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I couldn't help but smile. This really cheered me up.

This is sooooo much better than the last video I watched online about Dagestan.
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Having had some experience with Dagestani-distilled spirits I can confirm that they are indeed hell of drugs. They have a viticulture industry which produces some absolutely vile brandies that will indeed get you Dagestani Wedding-drunk
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I was expecting a twist... kept waiting for a US air strike.
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Don't read the comments.

They're calling each other bustards in there. And worse.
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Although this might be my favorite:

get a map folks, europe and russia are totally diffrent continents
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I did like the point where, at about 1:08, one drunken guest picks up another and looks ready to drop the guy on his head. A couple of (more sober and watchful) fellows rush in to stop the shenanigans and prevent brains from joining the crushed fruit on the floor. Nice to see that someone was assigned Safety Patrol.

Have a safe wedding, people.
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I wonder if they got their deposit back.
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Wow, the comments manage to insult pretty much every ethnic group in the region.
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Here's a New York Times article about ethnic relations in Dagestan focusing on jokes. Excerpt:
Dagestan, a collection of 14 major and several dozen minor ethnic groups that formed in tide pools and cul-de-sacs off one of humankind’s great migration streams.

All this has proven exceptionally fertile ground for ethnic humor. Dagestanis can tell ethnic jokes for hours, returning to beloved themes like the muscle-bound denseness of the Avars, the naked commercialism of the Dargins, the bookish pusillanimity of the Lezgins, the slyness of Lakhs and so on. And that’s not counting jokes about especially dumb villages.

One example: An Avar is carrying a wounded Dargin off the battlefield. The Dargin entreats his friend to leave him behind, lest they both be killed, and asks the one favor of shooting him so he does not suffer. The Avar, finally convinced, pulls out his firearm but finds he has no ammunition. The Dargin roots in his pockets and pulls out a bullet. “I’ll sell it to you,” he says.

Or this one: An Avar is driving through Makhachkala with a Lakh in the passenger seat. Spotting a red light, he pumps the accelerator and speeds through it. “You just ran a red light!” the Lakh says. “Avars don’t stop for red lights,” the Avar explains, and speeds through another. In a few minutes, they come to a green light, and the Avar stops. “Why did you stop?” the Lakh asks. “You can’t be too careful,” his friend says, “an Avar might be coming the other way.”
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Humans are weird.
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Mute sound, play this in the background.

This will also do.
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Fun fact: Dagestan is also the only country outside of Ireland to require EMTs on standby at each wedding ceremony.
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In the kingdom of assholes, the first man to fill his shoe with vodka is king.
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I had to look up Dagestan on a map, so as to be sure that I NEVER go there.
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I had to look up Dagestan on a map, so as to be sure that I someday go there.
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I had to look up Dagestan on a map, so as to make sure I knew where it is was, when I lie to people at weddings and tell them I'm FROM there.

(also, on a sidenote, I've been trying wondering where Gary Shteyngart's brilliant hilarious, Absurdistan, takes place and I think it's got to be, most likely, probably, Dagestan...

and if it's not, it should be.)

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@KoonKon Every single athinian who things his a Macedonian his mom is fucked by Macedonian dick !! i na majkati da i go turam u gz pa da i smrdi u usta !!!
And i can write that ur a asshole but you idiots call ur sorry ass broke ,,country" HELLASS so thats make the citizens real ASSHOLE.... see u in Solun !!

You know, Youtube comments are as dumb as a bag of hammers, but they often do provide a global perspective of which I was hitherto unaware.
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Yeah, the Athenian/Macedonian animosity reminds me of Wisconsin/Illinois relations. Who knew.
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I'm just going to start throwing "see you in Solun" into conversations as a casual threat.
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