Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya
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Rivers of Ice: Vanishing Glaciers of the Greater Himalaya is an exhibition currently on in New York City, showcasing the work of photographer and mountaineer David Brashears. The Glacier Research Imaging Project is re-imaging historic photos of shrinking glaciers in the Himalaya.

Of course, despite a mistake in the IPCC's Fourth Assessment report concerning Himalayan Glaciers, glaciers around the world continue to decline around the world in the face of anthropogenic climate change.
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ooh, go to "interactive", click on a picture, wait for it to load then go fullscreen for a treat.
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Global warming doesn't exist. The glaciers were never really there, just a figment of a polar bear's imagination manifested into myth and 3rd-party propaganda.
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Why is the future turning into a novel by Norman Spinrad/Harry Harrison/PK Dick?
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anthropogenic climate change

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This is an important topic, I wish the website linked had a bit more meat to it though. I think this is one of the indicators of climate change that cannot be denied, even if scoff at anthropogenic climate change, it's hard to scoff at the reality that is happening before our eyes. This is real. Believe it or don't. You ignore reality at your own risk. And perhaps the risk of the planet.

*1928-2000: South Cascade Glacier Photo Comparison
*Glaciers and Glacial Warming, Receding Glaciers
*1910-1952 Photo Comparison, Gulkana Glacier, Alaska
*Monteratsch Ice Retreat
*Muir Glacier Comparison (This one is terrible and revealing.)
*Gallery of Hubbard Glacier Photos
*Terminus Behavior of Juneau Icefield Glaciers, 1948-2005
*8 Images of Global Warming
*A Sacred Glacier Recedes
*Retreating Glaciers Spur Alaskan Earthquakes

Goodbye glaciers. Goodbye Cruel World. We were only getting to know you. :-(
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Sorry I linked one of your links. I fail at Metafilter sometimes. At least I didn't throw in the wiki link to boot.
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Superb. Tangible, unassailable evidence presented in a manner which makes immediate sense.

Twenty years ago we knew. But just knowing has not been enough. The Kyoto Protocols gave a pass to China and India, and they have coal to burn. Scientists are human, too. Some, seeing where things were heading, said 'we must do something' and behaved in a manner which undercut their credibility. (Here is an excellent article from 'der Spiegel'.) Others let themselves get bought and paid for (see 'Merchants of Doubt').

As humans, we often don't see what we don't want to see. As humans, we often don't care if there is no human impact. So oil spills don't matter until they impact the shrimpers, and glacier melt in the Himalayas doesn't matter until it impacts billions of people downstream. And none of us are immune from just seeing what we want to see.

This helps us see what is really there.
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This reminds me, I need to visit Iceland in the next year or two, so I can see it while it still has Ice.
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Tibet's watershed challenge
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Maybe if the glaciers retreat far enough Barry Obama's live birth certificate might be revealed.
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"[China's] hardening position on Arunachal -- Beijing considers the northeast Indian state part of its territory and made frequent military forays there this year"

This is going to end well.
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Man, I am glad I wasn't born 100 years in the future.
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Those interactive pics are pretty nifty.
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