Scott Pilgrim - Volume 6 - Finest Hour released
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The sixth and final Scott Pilgrim graphic novel, subtitled 'Finest Hour' is being released tonight. There is a block party in Toronto to celebrate this fact. While waiting for your copy to arrive or the party to start, why don't you...

...find out what the hell Scott Pilgrim is all about by visit the official Scott Pilgrim website
Read the official forums.
Check out the rest of Brian Lee O'Malley's website too. (previously featured on metafilter).

You could also check out the upcoming film's website.
And while you're there, why don't you create your own avatar in the style of Scott Pilgrim?
You should probably also watch the first 5 of 7 exclusive Osymyso remix trailers. (One! Two! Three! Four! five!)

Need some music to listen to while reading your comic?
Here's the song that inspired it all - Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
Listen to (and read about) the movie sountrack which was, over a period of years, collaboratively created by Edgar Wright and Brian Lee O'Malley.
Or listen to O'Malley's own band Kupek ? Maybe you just want an acoustic version of Scott's sad restaurant song played by Matthew Seely? direct link to MP3

There is also a video game coming out. Why don't you watch some videos of that too? (featuring art by Paul Robertson)
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Oh man! This is awesome. I'm so not cool, I saw the movie trailer and thought this was an incredible original work from Edgar et all -- still gonna rock, but now I've got comics to pickup!!
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I'm going to a midnight release party tonight for this! (At Chapel Hill Comics, for any NC people--it's gonna be awesome.) Scott Pilgrim is one of my top two all-time favorite series and I recommend that everyone go read it and then go see the movie, which is also going to be awesome.
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It took me a really, really long time to get into Scott Pilgrim because some dickwad poster on a forum I used to hang out had a bunch of Scott Pilgrim images as his sig/user pic. So despite all the glowing reviews I read about the series, every time I'd go to pick it up, my mind would make the connection between that jerk and the comic and I'd pass on by.

So many wasted nights, all due to Internet Fuckwadery.
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whenever i see "why don't you..." i think "suck it"
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I would go to a midnight release if not for the fact that I'll have to go to work tomorrow...cannot wait to read this!
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I am somewhat doubtful that I will enjoy the comic/gn, since I don't usually enjoy that medium, but the wiki summaries have hooked me but good. Will check it out.
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I'll be there to see my awesome friends in Chang-a-Lang, who describe themselves as "Del Shannon meets a cannon".
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Anyone know the length of PS3 exclusivity for the vid game? My Xbox and I are foaming at the mouth. SO AWESOME.

I preorder from Book Depository. I think I'm getting the British edition. Boy, I hope it matches my other volumes.
posted by joelhunt at 9:40 AM on July 19, 2010

The Xbox version will be available "later". No scheduled date yet.
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I think this is one of the only PS3 exclusivity deals I've ever even heard of, and of course it's for one of the few games I absolutely MUST HAVE. Life, it is indeed cruel.
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OK, I just read the Wikpedia entry for Scott Pilgrim, and in the list of locations, Sneaky Dee's is described as a place of Tex-Mex...cuisine. Oh, how I LOLed.
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I'm going to pick up #6 and get it signed tonight. I even love the pre-order ticket.
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OK, I just read the Wikpedia entry for Scott Pilgrim, and in the list of locations, Sneaky Dee's is described as a place of Tex-Mex...cuisine. Oh, how I LOLed.


You can buy nachos there.
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How do you know the movie sucks already Greg Nog? You some sort of insider? It's not even out yet.

Anyways, I was pretty disappointed with the first trailer, but I've really come around on the movie. I've been a huge fan of the comics since the first one came out, so I was super worried about the movie. I didn't think Michael Cera was really Scott, but I'm kind of even warming up to that, now! The soundtrack is fucking spot on. I'll be there on opening night in my home made Sex-Bobomb shirt, and my girlfriend will be doing her best Ramona Flowers.
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Greg_Nog apparently SAW IT ALREADY or something, and didn't like it cause Cera plays Scott as Cera, not as Scott - who I am lead to believe is more dude-like and adorably dickish in the books.

Which means I can watch it without hesitation cause I never read the books!
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I've sprung the trailer (#2, I think) on several people who were unaware of the existence of Scott Pilgrim and the reaction's been, unanimously, "AHHH! I NEED TO SEE THIS! DID YOU SAY EDGAR WRIGHT IS DIRECTING? AHHHHHHHHH!"
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Not to micromanage my own post, but for people who are having doubts about the film based on the trailers, I really recommend you check out the Osymyso remix trailers as they use different parts of the film and set an entirely different mood.
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Oh fuck, how did I miss that this had Michael Cera? Blah.

Will give the comics a go and see from there.
posted by Durn Bronzefist at 3:35 PM on July 19, 2010

Nope! My friend just got tickets to an advance screening of some sort

Sometimes they show alternate cuts of the movie to see which one works best. Maybe you got a crappy cut. You know, the one which they make really bad on purpose to make the other two look good, so it's easier for the bigshot executive producer to choose.

I hope to god something like this is true, because I really want the movie to be good.
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How about let's squee about the movie in a month. Right now, I want to know if Bryan Lee O'Malley can bring this thing in for a landing. What's with Ramona, anyway? What did Envy know about what Ramona was up to? What's gonna happen when Scott fights Gideon? Is Scott just evil ex #8 in training? Will Kim Pine (as in "pining for the fjords"?) turn out to be the right girl? Will Young Neil grow out of being an asshole? etc^N

Does it take place in a videogame universe or the real world? I.e. does it matter or will all that happened go away when you hit reset and try again?

Let us praise this comic!
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I have a friend who saw a rough cut and attempted to assuage my nervousness about the film. He said it was excellent. Sitll, I'm all kinds of 'eh' after the trailers.
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I believe Edgar Wright will do a fine job since he has affection for the source material and the medium in general.
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I'm posting from the Toronto launch event. There is about a thousand people hereā€¦ it's crazy!
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Got the book at the Toronto signing. The lineup was just too long. After about 45 minutes it didn't really move so we ended up grabbing our copy and bailing.

So many Scott Pilgrim cosplayers. Mostly Ramonas with a smattering of Kniveses and Patels. And some hipsters with beards and cowboy shirts who may or may not have been dressed as Stephen Stills. Lots of love. Better conversation between strangers in the line than I'm used to in a queue. Scott Pilgrim fans are a really interesting intersection of comic nerds, indie hipsters and video game geeks.
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Can't wait to pick up my copy! I know it's going to rock ultimate.
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I'm at Comix Experience in San Francisco, where there's cardboard tube combat & the video game demo. *drools*
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Greg_Nog apparently SAW IT ALREADY or something, and didn't like it cause Cera plays Scott as Cera, not as Scott - who I am lead to believe is more dude-like and adorably dickish in the books.

Scott's more of a sweet-natured goof in the books. He's a little too slow to be dickish, I think. He forgot what his own brother looked like at one point, he belatedly realizes that not all Second Cup exteriors lead to the same Second Cup interior, and he once tried to lure a cat with a fish sandwich. Hell of a funny guy to read about, though!
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Turns out that list Pronoiac posted isn't specifically comics shops that are doing midnight release of book 6. I know because I drove to my local comic book shop (Nuclear Comics of Laguna Hills, CA) at 12:30 (after my 3 to midnight shift at work) to pick up the book, only to arrive to a dark store in a dark parking lot.
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I read the first volume, enjoyed it, but I didn't really get into it enough to buy the second. Should I continue in the hope of getting gripped further in?
posted by tavegyl at 1:32 AM on July 20, 2010

Looks like the Xbox 360 version of the game is coming out on August 25th (source).

Tavegyl, it's absolutely worth it. I enjoyed the first one, but it took the second volume for me to fall in love with the series.
posted by slimepuppy at 1:44 AM on July 20, 2010

Thanks slimepuppy, I'll give it a shot. I had wondered if I was missing something.
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My brother took a bus back from Waterloo last night, went to the Beguiling, partied with comic book people, grabbed two copies of the book, showed up at my place around 1:30 or so, and then left before I woke up this morning.

The book is great. I love that whole damn series.
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An article I read this morning said that they brought the actors back and shot some additional scenes after O'Malley finished writing book 6, so I wonder if Greg saw the final cut of the film?

The reshoots were on May 15.
posted by sevenyearlurk at 9:50 AM on July 20, 2010

Sorry about that, sleeping bear.

I really like this book, & I'm looking forward to re-reading it this morning.
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An interview delving into Volume 6. (note: BIG-ASS SPOILERS!)
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I just read all six books in (almost) one go. I cannot wait for this movie. My boyfriend has already seen it (he apparently has the same hookup as Greg Nog's friend) and I am SO envious.
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I won a preview pass at a midnight release party. I think what I saw was the final version - & the film isn't an adaptation, Book 6 was influenced by the movie & vice versa but they're definitely not the same.

There was a LOT of cgi & animation in it. Much of it wouldn't have been missed if absent, so i wonder how rough a draft Greg Nog saw.

I loved its manic intensity.
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Also, and again, I've said this before: Kieran Culkin does an AWESOME Wallace Wells, far better than I was expecting. I would watch a whole movie just of Wallace doin' stuff.

Oh God yes.

And there was that ...eerie feeling sitting in the theater, with friends. Kinda this scene in Shaun Of The Dead wherein' our Heroes meet an identical group passing through.
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So many Scott Pilgrim cosplayers.

I am imagining my circle of friends and I am thinking they're all accidental cosplayers now.
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