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Electric stimulus to face -test4 ( Daito Manabe 's friends )

Guitar solo
Jammin' with Hifana crew
Daito has been busy since 2008—fleshing out his myoelectric sound, creating an 'esoteric language for embroidery' called Pa++ern (and the installation, which will stitch out your pa++ern and make it dance!), playing with mouth LEDs, hosting BodyHack workshops, and oh yeah did I mention electrocuting his friends in the face?

Oh, and previously designing adstuff for Nike.
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The facial stimulation is evocative of a functionalist paradigm. What truth can we derive from this? people are robots?
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And that's why Daito Manabe doesn't have any freinds any more...

(this is cool)
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Wow. I'm gonna go take a shower or something now.
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And that's why Daito Manabe doesn't have any freinds any more...

Oh, they're still his friends. They may not like it, they may not have any say in it, but until he runs out of electricity, they're going to do what he says.
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I have literally NO idea how electronics and programming work, and, left to my own devices, probably would want to burn this guy as a witch. So cool! Suck it, Media Lab!
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ok this is definitely witchcraft, what do we do about that?
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In case it isn't clear (it wasn't to me at first; I thought they were acting autonomously and in synchrony), what's going on in the above-the-fold video is the same sort of thing that's happening in the last video linked. Daito has myoelectric sensors attached to his face in the same places as each of the guys in the video has a myoelectric stimulator. The electric pulses generated by the muscles in his face are being fed into a computer, mapped to synth presets, and then turned into electric pulses that make the video dudes' faces move like his. But instead of seeing Daito sitting behind his friends twitching and scrunching his face, he's off-screen.

When I write Inception 2 it's gonna have the antagonist secretly surgically install wireless myoelectric stimulators under the skin of protagonist all over his body. Then evil guy puts on his Golem suit and serves his demons on a multi-directional treadmill (like in Disclosure), while Mr. Hero trudges around, trapped and shocked by his own disobedient body. (Or, uh, protagonist does the puppeteering and Mark (Jim Carrey?) wanders around doing Bad Things and trying to jerkily figure out wtf is happening.
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The table from the witchcraft video above as well as these are from a dance performance called True.
It's absolutely amazing, there's a kinda trailer here.
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