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Los Angeles-based electronic artist Nosaj Thing has collaborated with with the artist/scientist, Daito Manabe (previously) and Creators Project (info) to produce a stunning and graceful audio/visual feast for his new single "Eclipse/Blue", which features Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead on vocals.
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I'd always wondered about Nosaj Thing but I'd never gotten into him. What a great introduction to his music.
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Some other stuff from Nosaj,

the beauty: aquarium

the brawn: FWD

the brain: us

the bonus track: harrison ford

& the portishead remix

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Thank you! Youtube also tells me he's playing here in December; I'll have to check him out if I can possibly manage it.
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some tech comment (missed the limit by 67 words) :
usual setup is using even infrared lighting on background -
camera tuned to that wavelength will give clean silhouette, a live video mask.
the mask is so good you don't even need a computer if you have a descent video mixer and only intrested in overlays and no physics engine.
calibration is no problem or even necessary if the projector and the camera lenses paired and far from the scene.

notice dancers motion is somewhat slow. this is latency in the system.
and forces the choreographer to slow the dancers speed.
it might be a kinect depth camera was used.
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