The Language of Food
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The Language of Food is a blog with only four entries, but each one is an excellent, well-researched essay on, yes, food and language: ketchup, entrée, dessert, and ceviche. The author, Dan Jurafsky, teaches a parallel course at Stanford, the syllabus for which you can peruse here. via (mefi's own)
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Hi folks. My name is Dalton, PhD 2009 in Ketchup from Stanford, and I will be your waiter tonight.
posted by weapons-grade pandemonium at 6:13 PM on August 14, 2010

the seemingly authoritative and convincing article on ceviche completely ignores the south pacific. polynesians and melanesians have been cooking fish in lime juice for centuries.
posted by kitchenrat at 6:59 PM on August 14, 2010

Polyglot Vegetarian has a number of other essays on various foods and ingredients, often quite far-ranging.
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What a pity there are only four awesome posts. More please!
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Actually, yeah, totally got that from Cali.

Great blog.
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Weird coincidence, I never saw cali's comment or that other ketchup post at all, but came to it from the other direction -- I'd never even seen klang's highly monetizable blog before either.

But yeah, it's a shame there are only four, I'd read forty of 'em...
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Great links, thank you. I especially enjoyed the ceviche/fish-and-chips and ketchup ones.
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The syllabus is the real gem here. There are a lot of interesting-looking papers to go through in there. The first reading, on the language of menus, is pretty entertaining.
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One Peppercorn is another excellent blog devoted to food and language. Sample entries: Bisaro, Butnege, Jostaberry, Liederkranz, Odorra pod, Stewed tea. (One of the above is not a real food; can you guess which?)
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