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50 Best Blogs for Geography Geeks. Among the picks are Geographicus- Rare & Antique Map Blog l Atlas Obscura l The Rural Blog l Geographic Travels l Climate Progress l Edible Geography l DIY Cartography and Geobabble with a list of some excellent geography sites that were not included.
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Oh, great list. Thanks nickyske!

I'd add Pathological Geomorphology to the list.
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This is brilliant. I think the word "geograpjhy" scared most people off - this is more like world culture. Brilliant, in any case. :)
posted by ruelle at 1:25 AM on September 10, 2010

That's a nice list, and I'm going to pass it onto my friend that works over at RSGIS. In the meantime, would it be out of line to ask that the initial link to be cleaned up to NOT include the additional Google Reader feed stuff?
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Speaking as someone who's number 15 on the list ...

The problem I have with such lists is that they seem to be done largely to get the people on such lists to link back to their site. You will notice that the originators of the list (not Mapperz) have very little to do with cartography or geography. To me, this looks like an exercise in SEO -- which is why I didn't reprint it or link to it when they e-mailed me about it, the same day it went up on Mapperz.
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Lots of blogs in there on urbanism, too. Really great stuff.
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There goes my morning.
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There goes the rest of a good lazy day.
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This is me, delightedly "SQUEEEE!" -ing like a little girl. My wife and toddler are a trifle alarmed. Helluva way to spend my day off.
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I was about to say Metafilter has a resident cartographile, but McWetboy already introduced himself.
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Don't forget desjardins!
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I like Twelve Mile Circle.
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I'm more like a carto-fetishist.
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These are cool! Surprised there aren't more comments. Anybody who doesn't appreciate geography and maps can get lost for all I care. And probably will. (see what I did there?)

Thanks for the links! :)
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