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Last month saw the premiere in The Hague of a new opera in the Klingon language.

The opera, 'u', is the story of the messianic Kahless the Unforgettable, first emperor. An invitation was dispatched to Qo'nos, asking that the Empire honour Terrans by sending emissaries to witness the first staging of a battle opera on this planet. No Klingons were reported to be in attendance.

Opera creator and non-Trek fan Floris Schönfeld explains his artistic aims.
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One cannot truly appreciate Shakespeare unless you hear him in the original Klingon.
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ricochet biscuit: " No Klingons were reported to be in attendance."

Maybe there were Augments there?
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Coming next to a theater near you, the Borg opera, "Resistance Is Futile!".
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I can't believe they didn't perform "Aktuh and Melota"! What a bunch of petaQmey!
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He was never a fan of the cult-television show and ensuing 11 films. He is not a Trekkie. So he spent the past two years doing extensive research in order to understand Klingon culture. He very much wants the opera to be accepted among fans of the series, in particular those calling themselves "terranized Klingons", or Klingons who live on the earth.
A Google search for "terranized Klingon" produces four results, all of which are non-English articles about this opera. People simply aren't using that phrase. I'm not sure what that says about Schönfeld's "extensive research" into Trek culture, or this reporting.
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For those on the other side of the pond, we've had some Shakespear in Klingon in DC. It is over, but apparently Auntie Beeb was there filming.
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Coming next to a theater near you, the Borg opera, "Resistance Is Futile!"

I'd go if Philip Glass does the music.
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The Klingon language? Granted Dutch is not the most beautiful spoken language in the world, but it doesn't deserve to be called Klingon.
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♫ In space, no one can hear you... SIIIIIIING!
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On April 18, a radio message was broadcast to the assumed location of Qo'nos, the Klingon home planet, approximately nine light years away.

"Chancellor, we have just intercepted a transmission from Sector 182b. A group calling themselves the 'Zeebelt Theater' is performing one of our operas and 'invites' us to attend."

"When is this 'Opera'?"

"150.2 planetary cycles from End of Watch"

"Sector 182b, you say?"

"Yes, Chancellor"

"So I'm supposed to drag my ass downspin of Sector 160 on a Saturday night to some low-rent theater just to watch their half-assed show?"

"Shall I engage protocol KAHLESS 3, sir?

"The one where we tell them we're busy?"

"Yes, sir"

"Excellent, yes, do that at once."
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From The Record: Music News from NPR: First 'Authentic' Klingon Opera By Terrans (That's You, Earthlings) Premieres:
[Yes, we realize that Klingons are actually human actors dressed up with prosthetics and make up and that the opera in question is more an artifact of extreme nerdery than a genuine work of an alien culture. Still, due to a gnawing fear of retaliation by people who have access to home-made weapons that look like they could chop off our blog-writing hands, we are treating it as the latter. -Ed.]

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