"Unfortunately, no U.S. audiences will be able to witness this anytime soon."
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Beg, Steal, or Borrow: New Beats From Moscow Nice look at some brokenbeat/glitch/electronica/hiphop musicians in Russia, with embedded songs, a couple of mixtapes and links to lots of free listening.

Track 3 on the linked EP from Mujuice is great. And the Cops on Fire hip-hopera looks fun, too (see the 2nd video at the bottom).
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Great stuff. For some reason, the Russian electronic music scene seems to get very little attention, especially over here in the States (which admittedly isn't that surprising, considering our general apathy about anything not made here, or anything made with bleepy little boxes). Seems like every few years or so somebody discovers the Russians are just as capable of bringing the blips and beats as anyone else. Several of my favorite producers of electronic stuff over the last decade have been Russians:

Sleepy Town Manufacture/Beautumn

These are actually a lot more ambient than the stuff you posted, but hey... every good party needs a chill room. Thanks for posting, mediareport.
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This post makes me feel like I'm living in a William Gibson novel.
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It's not breakbeat, so maybe it's off topic, but this is a really nice chill set from recently in Moscow. Really chill.
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I like that DZA made this out of this.
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I know the author of this article--he's a very talented musician in his own right.
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This is great... I am seriously loving this Mujuice EP.
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Thanks, this is cool, always good to get new music!
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He spares no effort to put his vision of what’s right and what’s wrong into practice. Still there are very few comments from theatre audience about this connection.

"During the program, Dymovsky had submitted a question to then-President Putin, asking when outrages would end in the Novorossiysk militsiya. The question, which had been recorded, was never broadcast"

music and courage cannot be defeated.
Вот и все

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Listening. Awed.
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Very nice stuff. I was listening to a lot of blippy stuff coming out of some of the colder European countries (Herrmann & Kleine, Múm, B. Fleischmann, Ulrich Schnauss, Funkstorung ... okay, that's nearly all German) several years back. I'm surprised none of these acts never caught my attention. Lots of new listening coming my way very soon!
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Moskau! Moskau! Moskau ist eine schöne Stadt, weil es schöne Leute hat! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
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Holy shit, that Fly Russia comp has got some crazily beautiful fucked-up sounds. "Batyscaphe Finds a Music Box" and "Circadian Rhythms" are great gentler ones, and if you like the wonky Nintendo sludge, "Shapeshifter" is amazing. Glad other folks are liking this, too.
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On the aping-early-era-Autechre side of things:

Fizzarum are Russian and awesome. Or at least Monochrome Plural, Microphorus EP, & Phut of Plex/Ursa Majoris EP are. Some free songs here.

Also EU and Vesna are not bad, although I don't like em as much as Fizzarum.
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How funny to stumble across this - the author of the article is currently sitting a few desks down from me!
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