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Taichung’s Rainbow Family Village - this formerly drab neighborhood was whimsically transformed by 86-year-old veteran Huang Yung-fu's colorful artwork, becoming a minor tourist attraction and a popular location for photo shoots. And while most Taiwanese military dependent villages are scheduled for demolition, an online campaign won a promise by the city's mayor to preserve the painted village.
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I see a lot of these districts in Taipei, and while the construction of the buildings is pretty grim, it definitely seems like there are strong communities there. One of them has big white banners posted opposing the demolition of the site.
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lots of kittys
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Thanks! That's just a hundred colors wonderful.
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Beautiful. It makes me wish I weren't renting.
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Serendipity! I'm in Narita right now, heading to Taichung for a week (business), and logged onto MeFi to kill some time. Hope I can find some free time to seek this out. Thanks, madamjujujive!
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rodeoclown, that timing is great, what fun! I hope you get a chance to see the village and, if you do, I hope you let us know if it is as cool as it looks.

irisclara, I don't rent, I own, but I do not have anywhere near the innate artistry to be able to do something as wonderful as that!
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