New Weird Australia
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New Weird Australia is a not-for-profit, government-sponsored initiative promoting new eclectic & experimental music - plenty of free downloads & podcasts are available on the site.
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Thanks - I thought that instead of trying to pre-empt peoples' tastes by highlighting any particular artists or songs, people could just download or listen away for themselves.
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See also: the Brisbane-based Room 40 label, run by the indefatigable Lawrence English, one of the busiest and most dedicated organizers and presenters of avant garde music in Australia. He's a sound artist himself, ana a fine one at that.
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Thanks very much, UbuRoivas! Weird indeed. But some interesting stuff in there.
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Every Metafilter CD swap I've sent out has included tracks from their compilation CDs. One half of New Weird Australia is Danny Jumpertz - responsible for local label Feral Media, and also creates his own music under the name Alpen (vimeo link).
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Hey, I've been to his house! (aka Feral Media Warehouse)

That's more "it's-a-small-world" than any serious self-linkyness, as it was just some kind of party or something, and I wouldn't recognise the guy if we passed in the street.
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