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CreatureCast is a collaborative blog and podcast from evolutionary biologist Casey Dunn, who uses it as a teaching tool at the Dunn Lab at Brown University. The Lab investigates ways in which evolution has produced a diversity of life, and the blog includes neat, invertebrate zoology-related videos that may cover anything from "mating when you're stuck to a rock" to Flying with Squid to Multicellularity to Diving for Jellies. (Via)

More about the blog:
...about five other undergrads and graduate students mentored by Dunn regularly contribute to "Creaturecast", a blog born out of a collaborative National Science Foundation grant on mollusk evolutionary relationships awarded to Dunn in 2008. As part of that grant, Dunn needed to demonstrate the broader impact of his research, and he decided to add a blog to his lab website to help communicate his work to the general public.
Dunn uses the blog as a teaching tool in his classroom and requires students to create an episode of "Creaturecast" as a final project.
Podcast (Warning: link may try to launch iTunes)

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this is great!
posted by palacewalls at 2:28 PM on December 16, 2010

Thanks, I love these "intro to random critters" blogs. It will join The Featured Creature and Animals Behaving Badly in my bookmarks.
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