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People who enjoyed Rap News 5 - Wikileaks & the war on journalism which covered the Iraq War Logs (featuring, er, Donald Rumsfeld and Bill O'Reilly) will probably enjoy the new episode Rap News 6 - Wikileaks' Cablegate (featuring, er, Hillary Clinton, Alex Jones and others).

Both of these put together by the people at TheJuiceMedia. (MWLYT)
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You had me at Alex Jones.
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This is so getting deleted by the mods
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Alex Jones was an honoree on the 2006 list of America’s most loathsome people. My best guess is that Hilary Clinton has the dubious honor of being listed more than once, and I suspect that Barack Obama is in the running for the top slot this year.
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Joe Chip's link needed to be this for me.
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Sorry my link was probably the mangled mobile version. is now hosting ep6!
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Metafilter: Hillary Clinton, Alex Jones and others
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This is certainly giving a very pro-WL/Assange side of everything, so it can hardly claim to be unbiased, but I was blown away by the combination of rhyming and politics. So much rap seems to be about, er, how good a rapper the person is, so its fascinating for me to see how effective something like this can be. The first minute and last minute of part 6 are particularly incredible, although I could have done with a little less of the pantomime stuff in the middle. But then, I don't think I'm really the target audience for this.

Here's an interview with TheJuiceMedia that gives a bit more detail about the special guest in part 5.
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You know... It's early sunday morning, coffee's brewing... maybe my brain isn't really working yet, but I thought this was pretty funny.
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I heard about this on the BBC World News last night. A good companion to "Autotune the News" and executed with a much sharper stance.

Julian Assange himself makes a cameo at the 4:57 mark in episode 5. According to the BBC interview, Assange is a big fan of TheJuiceMedia, saying that they are one of the few who get the point of what he's trying to accomplish.
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I almost missed this - it's made of win.
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