I wanna see HIS sleigh
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This is Bull of Frost (Chys Khan), which is Yakutian colleague of Russian Grandpa Frost (Ded Moroz) and Santa Claus.
Bull of Frost dwells in Tomtor, Oymiakon ulus, which is the coldest place in Siberia. Winter lasts for 9 months in Tomtor, where the lowest temperature registered in Tomtor is -71,2 degrees Celsius. Due to the climate, there are no bulls or cows there.

Scholars confirm that Bull of Frost is actually Mammoth, which is important personage in shamanic traditions.
Chys Khan (Like Ded Moroz) also travels with a snow maiden. He also got to "chill" with Jamaican reggae singer Lenky Roy on his "I'VE NEVER BEEN SO COLD IN MY LIFE" tour to promote his album "Siberia".

Metafilter: Bringing you a violent, thieving, demonic, fiery, death metal, suckling-at-the-glass-teat and generally out-of-the-ordinary Christmas!
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Aargh! The Hogfather, come to kill us all!

I like how the English on the page uses very few articles. It helps me hear it being read aloud.
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Russian language does not use articles.
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