"How are we supposed to get down there." "I don't know." "HOMEWORK!"
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My younger brother recommended me this incredibly awful educational movie. It's called Rock Odyssey, but I can't find anything about it. Parts 1, 2, 3 (linked above because it's the one with the song), 4, 5.
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You got one mean family, Rory.
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It's like Brendan Fraser was cast as Beetlejuice.
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If you have access to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, you could check out other works by David Zaremba, like Charley Chapters in writing with homophones, homographs & homonyms, wherein "Charley Chapters and his writing assistants tackle the mixed up world of homophones, homographs, and homonyms. Defines each category and provide several examples to help students distinguish between these confusing case studies."

Sadly, I couldn't find any Charlie Chapters videos on the internet.
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cmoj: "Beetlejuice"

cmoj: "Beetlejuice"

cmoj: "Beetlejuice"

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Well, I do like things that are awful.
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Wow! I was forced to watch this in my 7th grade science class. I remember thinking it was hilariously stupid at the time, but I never forgot the three types of rocks and how they are formed. I think about this video every time the subject of rock formation comes up, which is admittedly not very often.

Thanks for posting it!
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Here are the song lyrics [pdf].
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Paging Mike Nelson...

(My wife and I watched the Rifftrax take on How Much Affection just last night and it was awesome. Deep Discount has their shorts DVDs for less than $10, and they're always great. Looks like this would make a fine addition to their canon.)
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oh sweet baby jesus, this is what I think it is, isn't it? On my honor, link unclicked, I'm flashing back to actual lyrics:

"It was an igneous, igneous rock, till it went through a kind of shock
When pressure and heat turned it into a neat metamorphic rock."

that and a big Pizza-the-Hutt kind of guy singing "sedimentaaaarrrryyyyyyy ....rocks."

If I'm remembering right, the whole thing had a sort of Howie-Mandel-in-Little-Monsters aesthetic to it. And I use the word "aesthetic" quite wrongly.

Off to click the link now. Rory M, if you're my sixth-grade science teacher and this is a rickroll, I guess you win this round.
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OH GOD the sedimentary guy is even more horrible than I remembered
oh god
even more horrible

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Igneou--er... Iggy, excuse me, has got to be some tweaker they found living on the side of the road. Hooooooly cow that guy is so jacked.
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Wow, this is...this is medical grade awful. There are all kinds of awful all over the Internet, and that's fine, that's what the Internet is, we're used to it. But that is all just OTC awful. This kind of thing honestly needs to be kept under lock and key and doled out as need be.

But wow, great find(???) This is, uh, something really special.
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