A Million British children
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A Million British children all jumped at the same time. They actually caused a little bit of recordable seismic activity.
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We've covered this already, no? I could swear that this is a double post. If not, it's been on Ananova, Yahoo News, CNN, and BBC for the past three days. Oh, and don't forget Slashdot. *Yawn*. Here's a similar yet less likely idea: www.paintthemoon.org/
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which has also been covered in the same places.

yawn to yourself. not everyone is as easily bored as you. i particularly appreciate it when popular news stories are posted on metafilter so we can get the community's reaction.
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thank you mr. bloggboy for making sure that our trespasses into anything other than 'cutting edge' is accounted for.

with out you we would all be lost, and a little less cynical.

keep up the good work.
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Considering Metafilter is where I get just about all of my news... that, and I don't really have the time to sit on multiple blogs every day... I say, post away with quirky-but-overreported stories!
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What if they did this in America? All our fat little kids might sink California.
posted by Doug at 1:21 PM on September 8, 2001

Arizona Bay, here I come.
I still prefer Bill Hicks' dream of taking group of Boy Scouts to the San Andreas fault, and giving them all crowbars.
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Few of my friends in college have this theory that Asia had the ultimate weapon, if all of India and China jumped at the same time, the result would be disastrous for the western hemisphere. Well so much for that :)
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I guess once the empire crumbles, you really need to start looking for projects.
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I had to laugh at this story when I read it on Teletext a couple of days ago. The words used were along the lines of 'the aim is to create an earthquake measuring 3 on the Richter scale'.

Now I don't know.. but isn't it completely stupid to 'try' and create an earthquake? *shrugs* Perhaps I missed the whole point.
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I enjoyed this link, and hadn't seen it before this, so...thanks for posting it.
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An earthquake with magnitude 3 would be pretty much undetectable by anyone not possessed of superhuman seismic senses. It'd only register on a seismograph. So, no danger to people or property, but it *is* still kind of silly.
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with out you we would all be lost, and a little less cynical.

Listen, blogboy has been working his ass off to make MeFi is cutting edge. I mean, just look at all the great links he's provided us...oh, wait, you mean he hasn't? Never mind.
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