November 27, 2000
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Did you get enough to eat this Thanksgiving? If not maybe next year you should try a Turducken! Its a dinner inside a dinner. A chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey! This guy loved his. Scarey yet strangely appealing.
posted by ljc (23 comments total)
It's better if you jam that into a lamb and then stuff the whole thing into a camel.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 11:11 AM on November 27, 2000

A similar version was introduced in third world countries, it was half-a-baked-potatoe stuffed in tin-foil and paper.
posted by tiaka at 11:11 AM on November 27, 2000

CrazyUncleJoe: which you then stuff into an African elephant, which is then stuffed inside a whale carcass....
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 11:19 AM on November 27, 2000

I guess you mean Whole Stuffed Camel.
posted by pnevares at 11:23 AM on November 27, 2000

I don't even know what's that supposed to mean! You're a communist.
posted by tiaka at 11:28 AM on November 27, 2000

Hey, howzabout a FrankenTurkey?
posted by snakey at 11:30 AM on November 27, 2000

That's crazy. I've been watching John Madden pitching Turducken for about ten years now on Thanksgiving (mm. . . Thanksgiving football) and was intrigued. I never thought it would be getting any attention beyond that. Now I think I'll have to try it next year. Maybe Christmas?

posted by norm at 11:50 AM on November 27, 2000

After digging a little bit more, I found this quote:

"We found your Aunt's recipe on the net. Our traditional South African version is the Osturducken, an ostrich stuffed with turkey stuffed with duck stuffed with chicken." (emphasis added)

Oh, my.
posted by norm at 11:58 AM on November 27, 2000

A donkey is brought in on a tray, encircled with silver dishes bearing dormice that have been dipped in honey. A huge sow is carved and live thrushes fly up from the platter. A chef cuts open the belly of a roast pig, and out pour blood sausages and blood puddings. (Encyclopedia Britannica).
Not your average Happy Mealâ„¢ but you'll find the complete menu here.
posted by leo at 12:02 PM on November 27, 2000

This is enough to turn me vegan. Holy crap.
posted by solistrato at 12:35 PM on November 27, 2000

I think Morningstar Farms should offer a tofu and soy-based Turducken for vegetarians. Why should meat-loving Cajuns have all the fun?
posted by waxpancake at 12:38 PM on November 27, 2000

why would vegetarians want stuff that resembles meat anyway? i never get why my veg-friends are so excited by meat substitutes

give me tofu that looks like tofu and give me seitan that looks like satan, dammit
posted by ethylene at 1:35 PM on November 27, 2000

See, I think they're just not maxmizing the levels. I'd start with a hummingbird in a sparrow in a Cornish game hen in a chicken in a duck in a turkey in a goose in an emu in an ostrich, if you want to stay in the bird family: Ostremgooturduckencorsparhum.

Get stuffed for thanksgiving!

posted by plinth at 2:13 PM on November 27, 2000

i went to a thanksgiving dinner at which they served a tofurky, complete with tofurky jurky wish stixs (sic) and some oddly shaped, strangely textured things called drumettes. if i were a vegetarian, i think i'd rather just eat meat than brave a tofurky.
posted by bluishorange at 3:24 PM on November 27, 2000

A coworker of mine who was a vegetarian tried this stuff and it made her just ill as could be. Go figure. You'd think that "Variable-parameter Extrusion Agglutination Technology" would be scrumptious!
posted by Skot at 3:39 PM on November 27, 2000

I hate meat... I've tried eating meat recently and not only did it taste and smell disgusting, it also made me incredibly sick. I don't get why people want imitation meat. So I guess I'm with ethylene on this...
posted by kidsplateusa at 3:50 PM on November 27, 2000

Want something different this Christmas?

Try Australian Beef!!! The only food guaranteed to help you live LONGER, HAPPIER and more REWARDING lives!

posted by lagado at 4:34 PM on November 27, 2000

There's nothing more glorious than a cow from Illinois. The chops, the ribs, the filet mignon. I've often thought of becoming one -- just to make the world a better place.
posted by leo at 5:07 PM on November 27, 2000

anyone else feel like singing?(In the tune of 'there's a hole in the bottom of the ocean') : "Oh! Theres a hummingbird in a sparrow in a cornish game hen in a chicken in a duck in a turkey in a camel in an African elephant in a whale carcass on my plate on Thanksgiving..."Well not mine really, I had green-bean casserole.
posted by parvati at 6:01 PM on November 27, 2000

I always thought turducken was the result of some bizarre farming accident...
posted by mathowie at 6:10 PM on November 27, 2000

I'm inherently suspicious of any food whose first syllable is "TURD."
posted by mikewas at 8:15 PM on November 27, 2000

All the delicate variations of Salmonella. Mmmmm.....
posted by Wizzle at 11:33 PM on November 27, 2000

i am sure this is not true of all vegetarians, but i know many who are not aware of the animal products in unsuspecting places i.e. jello. admittedly i am a carnivore, but sweet jesus the thought of something made of collagen...
posted by jyoung at 8:30 AM on November 28, 2000

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