May 15, 2016

"Hyperbolic" but not in the literary device sense

I know that you've gotten bored of roguelikes because they're so easy to wrap your head around and master, so here's one that takes place in hyperbolic space
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A cat-shaped hole in your life.

The appropriate weight of grief. Author Michael Zadoorian on the loss of a beloved cat.
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Kung Fu Maintenance

How To Replace Blade For Little Metal Cutting Handheld Hack Saw Spring Style Maintenance Repair Vide
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Open-plan offices are mandatory for all.

In 1944, the CIA’s predecessor created the Simple Sabotage Field Manual (previously), detailing subtle and hard-to-trace ways for a sympathetic insider to subvert an enemy’s total war effort, from industry to transportation to communication. Charlie Stross and contributors in his comments section have brought Simple Sabotage into the 21st century.
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"These are children who don't have a safe place anywhere."

Dieter Wolke has been studying the effects of sibling bullying. He was recently interviewed by CBC Radio (transcript). He and colleagues have been published in The Lancet (pre-publication free access version) and Pediatrics. What they found "is that those who were regularly bullied by their siblings were twice as likely to have developed clinically significant depression and anxiety disorder by 18 years of age." Wolke was interviewed by the BBC a couple of years ago, in a segment which drew over a thousand letters. [more inside]
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Odd and Satisfying

Oddly Satisfying Video Compilation
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Christopher Hitchens interviews White Separatists

Filling as host on an episode of CNBC's Talk Live in 1991, Christopher Hitchens interviews white separatists Tom and John Metzger.
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Maps of Britain and Ireland’s ancient tribes, kingdoms and DNA

"For map fans, some new maps showing Celt, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking territories in the British Isles. Also, the remarkable DNA map which shows how modern Britons still live in the same tribal kingdom areas as their ancestors in 600 AD."
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What's the deal with that drop?

What if there were a dubstep song but instead of the drop there was just the Seinfeld Theme Song? [slSoundCloud]
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Whatever it is, the music is fucking annoying

Art or junk?
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Ex-Agent Says CIA Tip-off Led To Nelson Mandela's 1962 Arrest

BBC: "The revelations, made in the [UK] Sunday Times newspaper, are based on an interview with ex-CIA agent Donald Rickard shortly before he died. Mr Mandela served 27 years in jail for resisting white minority rule before being released in 1990. He was subsequently elected as South Africa's first black president."
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'Getaway vehicle' was NOT in the job description.

Ever have a hankering for an m/m webcomic about centaurs in the American Old West? If so, Hotblood! might just be your thing. [more inside]
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Beyond Typewriters

How Literature Became Word Perfect First encounters: writers and word processors and processing words.
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Emily Dickinson's Cannabis Plant but one of over 400 plants held in the poet's digitally-accessible herbaria [NYT slideshow] "Her first assembled collection was not, as one might expect, a collection of writing, but a collection of [pressed] plant specimens." The collection is available for digital access through Harvard's Houghton Library: "The digital edition also notes corrected identifications when Dickinson got the plants' names wrong. That wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. Fair enough—she was only 14." Cannabis Culture has its own set of opinions about 14 year old Emily's herbaria: "It’s quite possible that she was content with her life of seclusion because she was having daily mystical experiences, aided by psychotropic plants she grew in her garden, or found in the woods."
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New York's Mass Graves

"Over a million people are buried in the city’s potter’s field on Hart Island. A New York Times investigation uncovers some of their stories and the failings of the system that put them there." (SL NYTimes)
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“City squares seem to be waiting for a crowd to fill them up—”

How Public Squares Disrupt City Life and Why That’s a Good Thing by George Packer [The Daily Beast] They can break up the monotony of the grid, provide the backdrop for social protest and change, spook you and mystify you—hard to define, city squares are indispensable. [more inside]
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Statement shapes in red

Nudibranchia or other opisthobranchia compared to the various looks of David Bowie.
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You know this guy? Yeah, him, with the art and the comics. Well, he successfully crowdfunded at least thirty cartoons, to be released weekly. Welcome (back) to the disquieting world of Joan Cornellà. (Warning: the various media contain nudity, violence, drug use and Jimbo the Jam.)
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BREXIT the Movie

BREXIT the Movie full length (1:10) a crowdfunded film making the case for Britain to leave the EU. Some short extracts: Fish, Gravy train, German miracle, Living regulated lives, Life outside the EU, Trading regulations.
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Mega-City One or bust

A robot will soon be asking you if you want fries with that. In response to the rising minimum wage, the fast-food chain Wendy's is following through with threats to to start automating all of its 6000 restaurants because of plans to raise the minimum wage in some US states. Carl's Jnr is also looking at the idea. Robots also might soon take over parts of the education system. [more inside]
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