July 10, 2020

Two Cats and 500 Balls in a Ball Pit !!

“I surprised my two cats with a huge ball pit filled with 500 multi-colored balls!”
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Listen with me if you want to live

Really, it all depends on how you like your soundtrack album for 1984's The Terminator. The original (rather limited run) release was 35 minutes long (YouTube album link, not a playlist) and was half score and half weak 80s pop. The 1994 "Definitive Edition" (Definite Edition?) (YT album link) was entirely the score, and runs about 72 minutes.
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"My muse is not a horse"

Nick Cave on his nomination for MTV's Best Male Artist (SLYT)
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Cooking with a Cheiranthus cheiri

Hi!Welcome to my site! My name is Andrea, and I'm a registered dental hygienist, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have a major obsession with food as you can probably already guess. Stay, browse, and I hope you'll find something you'll want to try. [more inside]
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devotees say it takes 12 minutes to shake, but most agree 3-4 is enough

A "fizz" is a mixed drink variation on the older sours family of cocktail. Its defining features are an acidic juice (such as lemon or lime) and carbonated water. There are a few variations on this recipe: Gin fizz, Sloe gin fizz (purple fizz). Here's a bit more about the history of the Ramos gin fizz, and here's how to make one. [more inside]
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How Nandini Jammi flipped the script on the founder of Sleeping Giants

"I’m leaving Sleeping Giants, but not because I want to. ... I want to show you how a woman of color almost disappeared from the movement she built, and what you can achieve when you refuse to follow the rules your white male “leader” sets for you," she writes in her Medium post that details how co-founder Matt Rivitz denied her the title of "co-founder", refused to create an email address for her, left her out of meetings, campaigns, and even award ceremonies. At her lowest point, she wanted to quit. But in a stunning strategic move, she took control of her own brand instead. [more inside]
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if you cover something up, you create a sense of desire

Does Wearing a Mask Make You Look Hot? (GQ): A semi-scientific investigation.
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How to reopen schools safely

Many schools have been shut down to limit the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing parents to quit their jobs (if they work outside the home), or to juggle child care and distance learning while working from home. How can schools be reopened safely? Eight Steps to Reopen Schools, by a former CDC head and two former US secretaries of education. [more inside]
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[Before Carol] People Were Making Change Out of Tackle Boxes

"I think Carol was probably the second-best marketer in the history of the business, behind only Stan Lee. Carol's greatest strength in being in charge of the then-nascent direct sales department was in building up and stabilizing the retailers." An oral history of Carol Kalish, who made an indelible impact on the comics industry as Marvel's Direct Sales Manager in the 1980s. [more inside]
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Talking Science

The Royal Institution in London has been hosting a series of science lectures. The next two deal with quantum mechanics and space weather respectively. In September it will be the science of fireworks. The lectures, held in the Institution's venerable lecture hall regularly sold out pre-pandemic. These online lectures are donate-what-you-can. Previous lectures covered the mathematics of gambling, black holes, superconductors, the neuroscience of consciousness, science & racism, body illusions, the myth of magenta..... [more inside]
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"Failure to disperse"

"After an hour in a holding cell, the handcuffs still on, somebody again put leg irons around my ankles, and connected the two with a piece of chain pulled tight around my stomach." UK newspaper The Independent’s Chief US Correspondent Andrew Buncombe describes what happened to a journalist covering the shutdown of Seattle's CHOP protest. [more inside]
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The Outbreak of Euphoria is as Sudden as it is Unexpected

According to the BBC, "pop music is getting faster (and happier)." [SL BBC, evidence is from the UK pop charts]
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Metal, Meat, and Bone

Infamous anonymous music collective, The Residents, have released their 47th (or so) album, Metal, Meat, and Bone: The Songs of Dyin' Dog. The album is a collection of re-interpretations of blues songs by little-known Louisiana blues musician Alvin Snow, AKA Dyin' Dog, who had a connection with the group from their early days in Shreeveport... or, is it? [more inside]
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It's just a silly name that I came up with on the bus!

Despite its tagline of "A Heartless Card Game", Abandon All Artichokes is a cute game with a twist on the deck-building mechanic -- you are given a pile of 10 artichoke cards, and the winner is the first player to draw a five-card hand with no remaining 'chokes. Game designer Emma Larkins takes us through the entire process of creating the game, from idly writing down goofy titles on the bus to getting a shout-out as a "brilliant game" [Forbes] at the New York Toy Fair.
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