July 10, 2021

Republican Courage

The Michigan Republican Who Decided to Tell the Truth. A profile of Ed McBroom, a Michigan state senator who led an eight-month investigation into the legitimacy of the 2020 election in Michigan, concluding that the allegations of fraud were nonsense. "Soon after the report was released, Trump issued a thundering statement calling McBroom’s investigation 'a cover up, and a method of getting out of a Forensic Audit for the examination of the Presidential contest.' The former president then published the office phone numbers for McBroom and Michigan’s GOP Senate majority leader, Mike Shirkey, urging his followers to 'call those two Senators now and get them to do the right thing, or vote them the hell out of office!'" [more inside]
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The Statues Themselves Erase History

Back in 2019, Molly Conger woke up early to provide a detailed twitter thread on the history of monuments in Charlottesville. It provides a fascinating bit of context as the Confederate statues of Lee and Jackson are finally removed from the city's public spaces. [more inside]
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Numnum cat

The numnum cat just wanted some milk. The Kiffness, however, thought better of it. And then people joined in. [more inside]
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Niftski and 420 blazeit, when the frame rule fell

Everybody knows that improving the 2016 Super Mario Bros. non-tool-assisted speedrun record was physically impossible. What this documentary breakdown of SMB speedrun progress since then presupposes is: maybe it wasn't? [more inside]
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Blue-throated, Broad-billed, Black-chinned, Buff-bellied, Broad-tailed

While not as chonky as certain brown bears, hummingbirds have their own summer of gorging... on nectar 🌺 & insects 🕷️ in order to double their weight as they prepare for their fall migration (and feed their young in sometimes precarious nests). Males head south as early as mid-July, with females leaving next, and finally the young who migrate for the first time all alone. The Rufous may migrate as far as from Alaska to Mexico. Citizen science site Journey North has this year's migration news, as well as a time-stamped map of sightings.* [more inside]
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