July 21, 2020

Off the Air ⇔ On the air

[adult swim]'s Off the Air is now on the webtubes and having a 🆓 ②/㊼ 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕒𝕥𝕙𝟘𝕟‼❣️ They're also hosting all ten seasons of the series' episodes. [previouslyly...ly]
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Beware not the Enemy from 'Without' but the Enemy from 'Within'.

How right-wing is the nationalist alternative AfD for Germany?
BfV agency says there are more than 32,000 far-right extremists in the country.
In January, the head of Military intelligence s confirmed hundreds of new investigations into soldiers with extremist right-wing leanings. 'An Enemy Within' and will now reform an elite army unit from the inside out. The far right has infiltrated green groups with a call to protect the land.
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WAR Games

In such a complicated numerical landscape as a 60-game season, advanced stats might approach their greatest hurdle—but also, counterintuitively, their greatest opportunity to aid understanding above and beyond traditional stats. from The Ultimate Baseball Stat Confronts Its Ultimate Test [The Ringer] [more inside]
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I’ve never been more certain that Daisy is actually a cat.

There are two things you should understand about my dog, Daisy. First, she hates walking. She’ll get excited if you take out the leash, but it’s a farce. She just wants to pop out and then go immediately back inside. This is partly because she doesn’t understand that if you go all the way around a street block, you will end up back at home. Second, she is wily and stubborn. She’s faked a limp, made herself vomit, or pretended to faint more times than I can count just to get out of a walk. I have the vet bills to prove it.

She is the absolute worst dog to put a fitness tracker on. Which is exactly why I did it.
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Ethics in AI

DeepMind researchers propose rebuilding the AI industry on a base of anticolonialism - "The researchers detailed how to build AI systems while critically examining colonialism and colonial forms of AI already in use in a preprint paper released Thursday. The paper was coauthored by DeepMind research scientists William Isaac and Shakir Mohammed and Marie-Therese Png, an Oxford doctoral student and DeepMind Ethics and Society intern who previously provided tech advice to the United Nations Secretary General's High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation." [more inside]
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