August 10, 2017

Frogs watching TV

Frogs + iPhone = hours of entertainment (SLYT) [more inside]
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We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

Google is helping with Exploring Strategies To Decarbonize Electricity, having developed a visualizer to Understand Electricity Generation. One of the low carbon options is nuclear power ... [more inside]
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How to become an artist- WITH PICTURES!

Because everyone should play .
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STEREO At Its Best...When You Hear It On COLD BUSTED

Sometimes, you just want to listen to chilled hip-hop beats, reggae and funk from around the world. If now is one of those times, try some music from the Cold Busted label on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or YouTube. If you're wondering how the nostalgic visual aesthetic matches the music, their line is that they're trying to capture the sound of today with the looks from the past. A few samplings from the label: Latin-influenced hip hop from Greece, funky Belgian beats and something more upbeat from Azerbaijan, and some headnodders from Manchester. Or if you want a continual flow of something new, check out Cold Busted Radio, streaming instrumental hip hop, trip hop, funk and downtempo 24/7 (playlists linked, and on YouTube live). [more inside]
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Your least favorite band sucks too.

"Iā€™m actually here to propose this far narrower argument: that the two-week span from June 23 to July 8, 1997, specifically, may have been the worst two weeks for music ever recorded."
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That's... a lot of cabinets.

Video game historian Steve Lin gives Cloth Mapper and human meme Drew Scanlon a 360 degree tour(youtube) of California Extreme. [more inside]
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That was the last sane moment that I remember

"Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him, or as flying in an airplane does to falling out of an airplane. Although the one experience precedes the other, it in no way prepares you for it." Annie Dillard's Classic Essay: 'Total Eclipse'
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"Don't take it personally. He doesn't really like anyone."

Humans agree with John Oliver that geese are assholes. Zuri the baby elephant will also testify to that.
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Some helium with your hops?

Testing helium beer (SLYT, subtitles) The beer that is what laughter tastes like... (sorry Mike's Hard Lemonade) "Watch at your own risk!" -My Ribs
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Impossible Santa Wife

Another single link of neural-network weirdness: Romance Novels, Generated by Artificial Intelligence. Just titles (for now, that is) but what titles they are.
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What it says on the tin

Dominoes and Fire. That's it. Just dominoes toppling, mostly thanks to creative application of flames and explosions.
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I Needed Color

"I found myself looking around at one point at a really bleak winter in New York and it was just so depressing, and I think I needed color."
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We jumped the shark in, like, Episode 2

An Oral History of the Time a Dog Ate a Heart on One Tree Hill. Finally, the story behind one of most amazing scenes in television history has been told.
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They coalesce into a digital harmony

RandomCity is a project by Patricio Gonzalez Vivo, an artist and engineer who uses code and light to turn data into stunning landscapes. More of his projects here. [more inside]
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It Belongs in a Museum

Defending Indiana Jones, Archaeologist
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26,000 78s digitised

Through the Great 78 Project, the Internet Archive has begun to digitise 78rpm discs for preservation, research, and discovery with the help of George Blood, L.P. Currently the number digitised stands at 25,989. Four stylii are used to transfer the records ā€“ 2.0mm truncated conical, 2.3mm truncated conical, 2.8mm truncated conical, 3.3mm truncated conical ā€“ recorded flat and then equalised. The preferred version is then chosen by an engineer.
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Diminished Chords

Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice? More and more singers are cancelling big shows and turning to surgery to fix their damaged vocal cords. But is the problem actually down to the way they sing?
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