April 8, 2017

The hijack was so complete that the bank wasn’t even able to send email

Researchers at the security firm Kaspersky on Tuesday described an unprecedented case of wholesale bank fraud, one that essentially hijacked a bank’s entire internet footprint.
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Poor little sister, I hope you understand

The babe in the woods will be taken by a wolf
The Assassination of Julius Caesar - Ulver
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1941: Chicago's South Side

In 1941, Farm Security Administration photographer Edwin Rosskam visited Chicago together with novelist Richard Wright and photographed the black residents of the segregated South Side. These images were later used in Wright's book Twelve Million Black Voices. (Many of those living on the South Side had taken part in the Great Migration from the South to the Northern industrial cities.)
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"that lust for winning...has led Cubs fans to accept a Faustian bargain"

RIP Wrigleyville. Welcome to Rickettsville. It appears small businesses not directly affiliated with the Cubs can no longer afford to exist in a neighborhood that, as Crane Kenney, the Cubs' president of business operations, said on an ESPN podcast last year, is being developed to cater to the scions of the corporate class.
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I put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it.

In a video posted to YouTube on January 30th, Andrew Huang (previously 1, 2) set out to see what would happen if you played Beethoven upside down. That is: suppose you had a piano roll and flipped it horizontally. All the low notes become high notes and vice-versa, but the intervals between them remain the same. Here, Andrew explains the concept and reacts to his own first playing of an inverted "Für Elise." You can also hear the full "Für Elise" without the commentary. But this is just the beginning. [more inside]
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Locked In

How We Misunderstand Mass Incarceration: Adam Gopnik revises his "Caging of America" with a review of John Pfaff's Locked In.
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A Clamor in My Kindergarten Heart

It is hardly surprising, then, that the more years I spent in graduate school, the more often the anxiety about money that I’d tried to calm with temporary safety measures began to express itself in periods of debilitating depression.
Sara Appel, writing in Rhizomes, about how anxiety expresses itself in her life as an academic from a working-class background. [more inside]
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They're all Doin' It The Best They Can.

Just the Ten of Us (1988-1999) is an American sitcom about a basketball coach, his wife, and their eight children, who all move to California. The Twitter account, Just The Ten Of Us (@justthetenofus), discovered that the theme song, I'm Doin' It The Best I Can, works with everything from No Country For Old Men, Ghostbusters, Wonder Woman, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. Even James Bond is Doin' It The Best He Can. (Direct link to YouTube playlist.) [via]
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The Creators, the Protectors, and the Destroyers: a Reddit Turf War

When Pixels Collide is a brief recap of the pixel turf war played out on Reddit Place, a collaborative drawing space that allowed any user to place one pixel every few minutes. Surprisingly or not, the result was not just an awful combative mess.
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^_^ >_> v_v

Eye Gaze Warping
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“It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently.”

One woman’s gamble on a £14 box of books has resulted in the discovery and sale of a lucrative, rare first edition of his classic novel Crime and Punishment. [The Guardian] “I didn’t really take much notice of this box, I didn’t have much time, and just wrote down £20 as my maximum bid – it was just a box of general books, I did’t think there was anything particularly exciting,” said the woman, who asked to remain anonymous. “I didn’t even spot this book, and even if I had I probably wouldn’t have taken much notice – editions of classic novels turn up in auction job lots all the time, and are generally only worth giving to Oxfam.”
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There comes John, and I must put this away.

Hysteria, Witches, and the Wandering Uterus: A Brief History - Or, Why I Teach "The Yellow Wallpaper." An essay that explores The Yellow Wallpaper, the history of "hysteria," and the 2016 election. [more inside]
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Google Pay

Google promotes gender equality through emojis, film analysis, diversity training and family leave. But according to the US Department of Labor, discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme, even in this industry based on salary data provided by Google. Google disputes the finding and has dismissed the Department of Labor's request for more data as a "fishing expedition that has absolutely no relevance".
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Chicago City Planning: The Graphic Novel

No Small Plans, a graphic novel, is both a story of Chicago and a user's manual for youth to become Chicago's stewards. In the tradition of Wacker's Manual of the Plan of Chicago: Municipal Economy, a 1911 textbook fashioned from Daniel Burnham’s 1909 plan of Chicago.
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The Mythical Page Turner

It didn’t take long for Spellerberg to figure out that what he had really purchased that day on Portobello Road was a paper-knife, whose thin, wide blade and dull edges were designed to follow the creases of a book’s uncut pages and expertly, gently, tear them apart.
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Blondie is a group!

And so, in the year of our Lord 2017, there is a new album by seminal New Wave rock band Blondie. Early singles: Long Time, My Monster, and a Bowie inspired music video Fun.
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Something wonderful

Book Artists and Their Illustrations is a deep and absorbing rabbithole of fantastic book illustrations and illustrators assembled by book lover Rivka Stein. With posts for over 650 books from around the world, each cover art image leads to a page of illustrations for that book, and includes publishing details plus occasional commentary and/or summarization by Stein. Rather amazing.
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"I'm gonna need you behind the wheel, again."

Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. (knock, knock) "Questions?"
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