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Maybe Dubya needs a pinch-hitter
September 7, 2000 1:08 PM   Subscribe

Maybe Dubya needs a pinch-hitter to take his place opposite Gore at the debates planned by the Commission on Presidential Debates.
posted by harmful (3 comments total)

posted by johnb at 2:17 PM on September 7, 2000

I can just picture George W. Bush, sitting on a ranch somewhere thinking, "Who is this Ralph Nader guy? Does he play for the Yankees?"

posted by Doug at 2:27 PM on September 7, 2000

And is that a sense of humour I see peeking out from behind that (allegedly) wooden facade of Ralph's?

So from where I sit, that'd give Ralph 3 dimensions, which is two more than the guy he'd be hitting for (or the pitcher he'd be facing).
posted by chicobangs at 3:13 PM on September 7, 2000

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