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"It is often presumed that intellectuals have little or no political power. Perched in a privileged ivory tower, disconnected from the real world, embroiled in meaningless academic debates over specialized minutia, or floating in the abstruse clouds of high-minded theory, intellectuals are frequently portrayed as not only cut off from political reality but as incapable of having any meaningful impact on it. The Central Intelligence Agency thinks otherwise."
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Red versus blue. Richard Florida calls for devolving American federal power to the cities, so that progressive and conservative urban areas can do their own thing.
comment posted at 3:51 PM on Jun-25-17

Tanya Gold is a British freelance journalist. Alcoholism continues long after you stop drinking': my 15 years sober.
Thirteen years ago she discribed her horror of Group therapy: I still howl at the memory'.
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Jun-25-17

What Duck Sex Reveals about Human Nature. An interview with Dr. Richard O. Prum, ornithologist and curator at the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University. Possibly NSFW: article includes a drawing of an aroused duck.
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Rainbow Gathering photographs by Kate Harnedy.
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When the Village People released their hit in 1978, the American branch of the Christian-centric organisation YMCA threatened to sue them. About 40 years later, the Australian YMCA has decided to embrace the song - partnering with Boy George to record a cover for their new youth-focused initiative Why Not? - highlighting marriage equality, youth unemployment, and mental health.
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On Tuesday, Mattel unveiled a new line of diverse Ken dolls to accompany the now diverse Barbie (previously). But who are all these Kens? R. Eric Thomas of ELLE Magazine describes All the Ken Dolls You Will Meet in Your Lifetime.
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The toe has gone missing before, after being swallowed by a patron, prompting the hotel to ask donors to step up (previously). But this time, Dawson City, Yukon's Downtown Hotel has reported that the key ingredient in its sourtoe cocktail (also previously) has been stolen. According to the Times Colonist: "Hotel manager Geri Colbourne says a couple came in late that night and requested the unique drink but the waitress was called away after pouring two shots. The toe was gone when she returned."
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Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep was reported dead today at the age of 42 from complications of sickle-cell anemia.
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The best places to cry in New York, mapped. Most of them are even free.
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Over the years, the heat from the trains soaked into the clay to the point where it can no longer absorb any more heat. Tunnels that were a mere 14 degrees Celsius in the 1900s can now have air temperatures as high as 30 degrees Celsius on parts of the tube network.
As it's a nice, balmy 31 degrees in London at the moment, have a refreshing article about cooling off the Underground.
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor [Deadspin] “It’s really happening. McGregor vs. Mayweather is actually a reality. The fight is like a nightmare emerging from a fever dream where the walls are papered with $100 bills, the carpet is made of the finest chinchilla fur, and you wake yourself up by stepping painfully on a discarded diamond ring instead of one of your kid’s discarded Legos. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Does McGregor, who hasn’t had an actual boxing match since he was a teenager, have a shot at beating a past-his-prime great? Yes, he has a shot. McGregor hits really, really hard, and chins don’t get better with age.”
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The New Yorker - The Persistence of Prog Rock "Even more than most musicians, the prog rockers aimed for immortality. “We want our albums to last,” Robert Fripp, the austere guitar scientist behind King Crimson, said. In a literal sense, he got his wish: although the progressive-rock boom was effectively over by the end of the seventies, it left behind a vast quantity of surplus LPs, which filled the bins in used-record stores for decades."
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"For the first time, a generation of players is playing in low-tops. ... Today's highest-tech, most forward-thinking basketball sneakers don't look like basketball sneakers. And the sneakerheads who love the rich history of the high-top basketball silhouette have had to look beyond the basketball court for inspiration." (sl Esquire)
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Jun-15-17

Last year, a jaded Quebec hipster admitted that the burden of the secret I’ve been harbouring is growing too heavy for me to bear. By May of this year, MTV was on board. After her live performance at this year's Billboard Awards, it seems impossible to imagine that anyone ever hated her.
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At 2:30pm Eastern time today, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III will testify under oath before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence regarding his contacts with government officials of the Russian Federation prior to the January 20th inauguration, as well as his role in the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Many burning questions remain for Sessions.
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How does Batman make all his money? - and other questions raised by Bruce Wayne being rich as hell.
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Pornhub Is the Kinsey Report of Our Time. 'The streaming sex empire may have done more to expand the sexual dreamscape than Helen Gurley Brown, Masters and Johnson, or Sigmund Freud.' Text article. Possibly NSFW
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This week marks the 50th anniversary of Loving v. Virginia, the landmark Supreme Court decision that invalidated state laws restricting interracial marriage. Recently, we asked readers to share their experiences about being in a mixed-race relationship. We received more than 2,000 stories in just a few days. Some wrote about the resistance they faced from family and society, while others celebrated the particular richness of their lives. Here are some of those stories.
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The tramp chair was a strange bit of fin de siecle sadism that made its way to your vacation postcard. Featured in Popular Mechanics and an inspiration to escape artists, it was on display in 2015(video) and will be so again this year.
comment posted at 7:32 AM on Jun-11-17

Adam West, the ardent actor who managed to keep his tongue in cheek while wearing the iconic cowl of the Caped Crusader on the classic 1960s series Batman, has died. He was 88. “Our dad always saw himself as The Bright Knight and aspired to make a positive impact on his fans' lives. He was and always will be our hero,” his family said in a statement.
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Barbie talks about feeling blue in one of her vlogs.
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Spoiler alert: I don’t have a change of heart at the end of this essay. This is a story about not changing my mind and not having regret. To hives lady, the contractors and all the other bodega owners with cats: I am writing my final no-thank-you note.
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Two biologists in Georgia have discovered that the skeletal structure in a flamingo naturally "snaps" into place when balancing on one leg, making it more energy-efficient for them to balance that way than standing on both feet. Bonus educational nugget: flamingos' knees don't bend backward. Those are their ankles.
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Raymond Pfeifer died on May 28, at the age of 59. Ray was retired from the FDNY, where he had served for almost 28 years. After 9/11, Ray spent 8 months at Ground Zero, and, after being diagnosed with cancer resulting from that work, he spent years advocating for Congress to pass the Zadroga Act, which now provides that those exposed to the 9/11 disaster continue to receive monitoring and treatment services for 9/11-related health problems through at least 2090. He was remembered by his friend, Jon Stewart.
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Chaos in Flushing as beloved mascot Mr. Met is caught on video giving a rude gesture to a fan. Later reports indicated that Mr. Met had been cursed at and had the morals of his relatives questioned immediately prior. However, a more urgent question has arisen in the wake of this incident: Does Mr. Met even have a middle finger?
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From Duran Duran's 2010 album comes what may possibly be one of the best art-pop-rock songs of all time, The Man Who Stole A Leopard [lyrics]. Apparently inspired by the title of a 1963 Italian film, the song features vocals by Kelis and a string quartet and a very dark and well-executed personal story of obsession.
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Two male vultures have hatched a baby chick together. Congratulations to the happy couple!
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The South Faces a Summer With Fewer Peaches [The New York Times] “Peaches are such a part of Georgia’s identity that schools, streets and health care plans are named after them. Even the sticker you get when you vote is in the shape of the fruit. South Carolina, one state over, grows more peaches than Georgia. A giant statue of a peach is its most famous roadside attraction. For almost all Southerners, a summer without a seemingly endless supply of peaches is unthinkable. But growers say the unthinkable is about to happen in America’s cobbler belt. A double punch of unseasonably warm winter weather and an ill-timed freeze has devastated the peach crop.”
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Ten years ago, Christopher Hitchens (RIP) declared women weren't funny and speculated as to why this might be so: Why Women Aren't Funny (Vanity Fair)
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