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If clear-knee jeans don't go far enough, TopShop now offers full clear jeans (or used to; perhaps they came to their senses). And Nordstrom takes virtue-signaling to new, er, heights with pre-mudcaked jeans. Baffled commentary at Consumerist.
comment posted at 3:50 PM on Apr-27-17

A father sends a letter to all 30 MLB teams, asking them to make their pitch to be his infant son's favorite team. “I must tell you I don’t take this lightly. I firmly believe that picking a team is sacrosanct,” wrote Pete, an Ashland resident who works as a senior digital video content manager for PBS. “Friends may come and go, political affiliations and beliefs in higher powers may change, but one’s team is one’s team. Forever.
comment posted at 9:09 AM on Apr-23-17

"After thinking about it a bit more, I realized that, for many, this wasn't an inherent fact. Bugs Bunny is a rabbit, and while he is anthropomorphic, the suspension of disbelief only stretches so far for some people. It might not be a widely held understanding for white people, so immediately after talking to my friend about Bugs Bunny being black, I turned to my (admittedly, mostly white) colleagues and asked around. "Do you think Bugs Bunny is black?" I asked, only for many to not really understand the question."
comment posted at 12:37 PM on Apr-21-17
comment posted at 12:46 PM on Apr-21-17

Graham Isadore writes: "Earlier this month I decided to live a week as Ian Mackaye. I wanted to see what I could learn by emulating my hero. What I discovered is that most people don’t know who Ian Mackaye is."
comment posted at 10:22 AM on Apr-21-17

The case for being grumpy at work "Research shows that forcing workers to appear more pleasant and more cheerful than they actually feel can lead to a whole host of negative consequences—from emotional exhaustion to withdrawal. And women in particular suffer from the expectation that they should constantly demonstrate happiness." Constantly being expected to smile, or other types of emotional dissonance, can wreak havoc. Other studies indicate that appearing too cheery can actually harm a woman's chances for promotion.
comment posted at 12:25 PM on Apr-19-17

" I care a lot about quality ingredients but there is literally zero way I am making food as rich, complex, and expensive as what constitutes Prueitt’s notion of “all day.”"
comment posted at 12:30 PM on Apr-19-17

Talking to the Popular Girls, 20 Years Later | "Why we let male attention rule our entire world and why we were so devastatingly mean to each other still confounds me. To them the answer seemed at once utterly obvious and also unremarkable. 'Because we were immature,' Grace said. 'We didn’t know any better.' But I still can’t believe how much I gave up and how hard I worked at becoming cool simply because I had a crush on a Hot Guy in third grade. 'Having the boys’ approval was, like, everything,' Meg said, 'and so the meaner you were, the more attractive you were.' "
comment posted at 8:59 AM on Apr-17-17

Emma Morano, the world's oldest person, and the last person who was born in the 1800s, has died at age 117. She had attributed her longevity to her genetics (having multiple relatives who lived beyond 100 years), a diet of three eggs a day (two of them raw), and her decision to kick out her abusive husband in 1938.
comment posted at 7:58 AM on Apr-16-17

Comedian Charlie Murphy, Brother of Eddie, Dies at 57 [The New York Times] “Charlie Murphy, the older brother of Eddie Murphy and a comic performer in his own right who turned encounters with Rick James and Prince into standout sketches on "Chappelle's Show," has died. He was 57. Murphy died Wednesday in New York of leukemia, according to his representative, Domenick Nati. He was perhaps best-known for his appearances on Dave Chappelle's Comedy Central show. In the recurring segment "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories," Murphy would recount how his brother's fame brought him into the orbit of the biggest stars. His versions of the experiences, played out by him, Chappelle and others, became enduring hits.”
comment posted at 5:09 PM on Apr-15-17

Bruce Langhorne 1938 - 2017

An inspiration for many a beginning guitarist, he was a remarkable person and musician.
comment posted at 8:38 AM on Apr-15-17

A Love Letter to Ace Frehley: Artists Share the Blazing KISS Solos That Inspired Them
comment posted at 12:53 PM on Apr-13-17
comment posted at 3:43 PM on Apr-13-17

John Warren "J." Geils Jr. founder of the band that bears his name, famous for such boogie smokers as "Musta Got Lost" "Houseparty", "Southside Shuffle" and "Give It To Me" and pop hits "Love Stinks" and "Centerfold" has passed on at 71.
comment posted at 6:09 AM on Apr-12-17
comment posted at 7:09 AM on Apr-12-17

Butter or Margarine? In Dunkin’ Donuts Lawsuit, Man Accepts No Substitutes [The New York Times] “If you order chicken, you expect chicken. If you order a coffee, you expect a coffee. But if you order butter, is margarine or a vegetable spread an acceptable substitute? It wasn’t to Jan Polanik, who sued 23 Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Massachusetts for serving him “margarine or a butter substitute” instead of butter with his bagels between June 2012 and June 2016. He filed a pair of class-action lawsuits in March against franchise owners who are responsible for multiple stores. He paid 25 cents for butter and was not told a substitute was used, according to the suits.”
comment posted at 3:31 PM on Apr-9-17

comment posted at 7:59 AM on Apr-7-17

More than 50 U.S. Tomahawk missiles launched at Syrian air base. "The United States carried out a missile attack in Syria on Thursday night in response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attack this week that killed more than 80 civilians, American officials said."
comment posted at 6:59 PM on Apr-6-17

Of our relation to all creation we can never know anything whatsoever. All is immensity and chaos. (SLYT)
comment posted at 7:27 PM on Apr-6-17

Barry Manilow is gay and has been in a relationship with his manager, Garry, for forty years. Citing his belief that he would "disappoint fans", Manilow has stayed in the closet until coming out publicly two days ago.
comment posted at 4:52 PM on Apr-6-17

"Small rocks from the beaches of eastern Massachusetts began appearing at Lexington High School last fall. They were painted in pastels and inscribed with pithy advice: Be happy.… Mistakes are O.K.… Don’t worry, it will be over soon. They had appeared almost by magic, boosting spirits and spreading calm at a public high school known for its sleep-deprived student body. Crying jags over test scores are common here. Students say getting B’s can be deeply dispiriting, dashing college dreams and profoundly disappointing parents."
comment posted at 3:39 PM on Apr-6-17

"John McCool is neither a researcher nor a urologist. When received an unsolicited invitation to submit a paper to an open-access urology journal, however, he just couldn’t resist. He is the owner of a freelance scientific editing company, and has long been concerned about so-called predatory journals, which often publish sub-par papers as long as authors pay. And he loves the TV show “Seinfeld.”" Like many others before him, McCool decided to punk the journal by submitting a fake paper."
comment posted at 7:12 AM on Apr-6-17

As teenagers check their email even more obsessively than usual for college acceptance letters, it's been a pretty good week for some particularly high-achieving ones. Ifeoma White-Thorpe was accepted at all eight Ivies (plus Stanford). The Wade quadruplets Nick, Aaron, Nigel, and Zach each got in to Harvard and Yale (and a bunch of other places among them). Ziad Ahmed wrote "#blacklivesmatter" 100 times on his Stanford application and got accepted. (via the Root)
comment posted at 5:55 PM on Apr-5-17

Morrissey, We're Through. (slNoiseyVice)
comment posted at 7:05 AM on Apr-5-17
comment posted at 8:29 AM on Apr-5-17

Marmite: The Origins of the World's Most Divisive Condiment
As for those on the fence about the taste? Well, there’s not really a fence. “I have, to date,” says Watkins, “only met one person who has claimed to be ambivalent about the taste of Marmite, and I don’t believe them.”
(h/t Miss Cellania)
comment posted at 7:03 AM on Apr-4-17

Twin babies act out their favorite scene from "Frozen". [Facebook link, also available here]. Cuteness ensues.
comment posted at 8:02 AM on Apr-3-17

A bear is spotted in Montana carrying a laptop. At last we have photographic evidence of the fact that bears have joined humanity in the digital age. We should not be surprised, after all, bears are driving cars and sailing boats.
comment posted at 12:31 PM on Apr-2-17

Echo and the Lonely Men: Can Amazon's Alexa Be Your Friend? [Digg] We're so close to a promised future of actually useful digital assistants. But is this the future we want?
comment posted at 5:47 AM on Apr-1-17

The Skinny House, one of Boston's great Spite Houses, is for sale.
comment posted at 11:28 AM on Mar-31-17

"But I discover something odd: Bob Seger's old albums are not only missing from my shelves. They seem to be missing from the world."
comment posted at 1:35 PM on Mar-30-17

Rosado and Ortiz's mysterious killing on October 15, 2015, sent locals from Key Largo to Islamorada into a panic and left sheriff's deputies scrambling. Detectives would follow a trail of violence and blackmail for months before divining its source: Jeremy Macauley, a fisherman with a troubled past who'd found a bale of pure cocaine floating in the turquoise sea. Months later, a prosecutor's suicide and a surprise jailhouse interview would further muddy the tale.
How a Floating Bale of Cocaine Led to the Florida Keys' Worst Murder in Decades, Tim Elfrinkm Miami New Times
comment posted at 4:27 AM on Mar-30-17

Tontines are a rather unusual form of investment annuity, and they may be making a comeback.
comment posted at 12:21 PM on Mar-29-17

A blowjob, therefore, never occurs in a vacuum. It is related to social expectations, especially to male expectations of productivity and work, but during the act itself these thoughts must fall away to make way for the implicit trust involved. To write a blowjob—within this social context and with the necessary nuance—is therefore achingly difficult. Even many of the great modernists fail to do so. Fellatio and Juliet: On the Hard Task of Writing About Blowjobs [NSFW]
comment posted at 9:42 AM on Mar-29-17

Terrible, awful, no good really bad heavy metal album covers from all over the world. Many more at Assorted Thoughts From An Unsorted Mind.
comment posted at 8:44 AM on Mar-27-17

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