because as soon as the Valentine's Day candies leave the Easter ones come out
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Peep jousting is a game in which two marshmallow Peeps armed with toothpicks face each other in microwave combat. Its much more deadly variation, Peep fighting, involves a toaster oven. Molly Lewis (previously 1, 2) wrote a metal song called PEEP FIGHT. Smithsonian Magazine checked if stale or fresh peeps made better jousters. Creepy off-brand Peeps are also effective knights.
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Easter candy has been in the stores here since just before Christmas. I don't know why people feel the need to ruin perfectly good, perfectly creepy Peeps by making them joust, personally.
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To the victor, the spoils.
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Winning a peep fight is a pyre-ic victory.
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A study.
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That's not metal.
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Mrs. Example's illustrated guide to Peep-dueling.
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I think this phenomenon goes to show man hasn't evolved nearly as far as he thinks he has. (I won't speak for women.)
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Sadistic peep torturers should be punished microwaved.
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3 peeeps in a basket is filmed from the microwave-camera p.o.v., works brilliantly. I wish all the jousting peep films had been shot the same way.
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This does not seem the sort of thing that the Smithsonian Magazine I subscribed to as a kid would deign to participate in.

I thought that magazine was so boring.
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People talk about how twinkies will survive the apocalypse, but my money's on peeps. Just look!

Peeps: terrible marshmallows for terrible people. I love 'em.
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I grew up Jewish and never liked peeps, so this wasn't something I was aware of until just a couple of months ago when my friends suggested. I knew of marshmallows expanding in the microwave, but this was a whole new level!
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