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Animation Hotline is a series of daily animations where Dustin Grella uses messages left on his voice mail for content. If you feel so inspired, call. Other animation projects from Grella's personal site...

Prayers for Peace is a narrative stop-motion animation confronting the memory of his younger brother who was killed in the conflict in Iraq. Drawn entirely with pastels on a slate chalkboard, the materials used to create the animation become a metaphor for the impermanence of life. [I found this very powerful and touching.]

Slate Landscapes is an answer to traditional landscape painting and is a series of landscapes drawn onto slate, where actual live action scenes have been translated into animations and are projected back onto the slate. The animations are then programmed to play back on the slate at random intervals, adding motion to the static image.

More here.
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Oh wow, it is so fucking awesome to see this on mefi. Dusty is an old friend of mine, and I've been spamming everyone I know with the hotline number lately.

(His short film Prayers for Peace was also featured in last year's Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival up at the AMNH.)
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Wonderful find, thanks!
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