Simply astonishing.
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Simply astonishing. Within the past few months, the FBI had placed two men associated with an Islamic Jihad terror group on a border watch list, but through a screw-up, the pair got into the U.S. The two men appear to have been on the American Airlines Flight 77, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, TIME has learned.
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Converting to kilotons is easy: a fully loaded Boeing 767-200 has energy (both kinetic and potential) of less than half a kiloton.

Weapon of Mass Destruction has no strict technical definition; the definition in the US Code includes hand-held RPG rockets. Loaded airliners are extraordinarily destructive, but nuclear weapons they ain't.
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New user, so I can't post directly. But, what do folks think about the rumours that Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania was shot down to prevent it from crashing in a more populated area?

No one would blame the U.S. government for shooting it down, but will we ever know?

From the Washington Post
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