A Story of Love, War and Science
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"This is the story of Walter and Ina…" "It begins before they met, when he was taking aerial photographs of occupied France from a Sopwith A2, and she was looking for work in rural Texas and worrying about the boys “over there.” They continued on separate paths until 1924." I'm a sucker for a good love story, and one that elicits nostalgia through historical documents is even better. Here is one such story. Although I have only just now begun to read the correspondence myself, I immediately thought that MeFi was a good place to share it. The curator of these letters is Dr. Alan Dove, a virologist and podcaster. Walter and Ina were his grandparents.
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Great read, thanks!
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Super neat. Here is a little bit of back-story from the curator.
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FYI: After doing a text search of available pages, I did not find the "quote" given by unliteral.
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Correction. I found it (my mistake in not following a link to older posts on my first pass). I suppose this is the risk in reading pieces from this particular period, written by a white man, in America. However, that said—and perhaps this belongs in MetaTalk—it seems about as damning as anything else from the period, and probably less so in context. But historical context doesn't make me feel comfortable about its use, and so this comment should stand as a caveat for anyone thinking of reading the letters.
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