On-location dance videos online
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If you like dance but are stuck in a computer chair all day, you could do worse than watch some of these on-location videos showing people dancing for the sheer love of it. Folks from Brooklyn and India made BollyBrook (short for "Bollywood-meets-Brooklyn"), a music video featuring dancing in Mumbai. A 9-year-old girl dances in Tiananmen Square (don't miss her pas de deux with her father near the end of the video). A kid with the handle iTr3vor dances in the Apple Store (one of many videos in his series). And yes, Matt Harding probably helped start it all with his "dancing badly around the world" videos last decade.

P.S. Previously about iTr3vor. And here are MeFites in '08 commenting on Matt Harding.
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That Chinese girl is my spirit animal.
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And forgot to list this: Girl Walk All Day (featuring one of the principal dancers from BollyBrook), a dance video set to the Girl Talk album "All Day."
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Such a notoriously solemn atmosphere can only take so much unabashed cuteness, little girl. Must. stop. watching. Or my heart will cave in...

Great link(s).
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That girl's enormous grin is the most adorable thing I've seen all week!
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Chinese hipster dad is awesome.
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I shot this video of some girls dancing on a roof in Jodhpur, India, a couple years ago. Those massive speakers couldn't have been good for their hearing.
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For once, a Youtube comment was worth reading:

She's lucky to live in a country as free as China. Try to pull that at a US monument and the Park Police would bodyslam her.
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The Bachna Haseeno video was surprisingly good; the remix was unexpectedly true to the tapori spirit of 70's Bombay (and consequently, 70's Bollywood)

RD Burman's music and Kishore Kumar's voice notwithstanding, it's telling that the videos of both the original and the 2007 remake are significantly more garish and worse than this sweet narrative.

(I, errr, might as well admit that I just danced to this song while opening the door for my wife, who just came back after a long day at work. Much merriment in an otherwise tough day for both of us. Thanks for sharing.)
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PedantFilter: That appears to be the Olympics site, not Tiananmen Square.
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I remember seeing the shoot for the Bollywood song at Colaba Causeway in Mumbai.

That time I was thinking.... "These foreign tourists are crazy!!!"

Now I am thinking ... "Wow". Thanks for making my day
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She's lucky to live in a country as free as China. Try to pull that at a US monument and the Park Police would bodyslam her.

If she wears the wrong kind of headband though the PLA just might roll over her in a tank.
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Girl Walk All Day is also responsible for some recent subway stripping shenanigans.
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