Our Day (Marion County 1938)
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Our Day (Marion County 1938) is a 1938 silent film by Wallace Kelly of Lebanon, Kentucky, with a soundtrack by Rachel Grimes (previously of Rachel's)
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Rachel Grimes is fantastic. If you enjoy the music in this, here's a rabbit hole for you to fall into.
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Very sweet. The film was an interesting choice -- I'm guessing part of why she chose it because it was shot in Kentucky. The video was nice, but I kept thinking maybe there could've been a better choice (though I don't know what that might be.) Rachel's music is so evocative, and the film is kind of flat. Though it does all work in the end, and I did get that bittersweet sense of old-timey longing as it faded out.

I used to love Rachel's a lot (and still do I guess) but I listen to them much less than I used to. (Due in part to my changing tastes and the large iTunes library-shuffle effect.) But Rachel Grimes is great anyway.

I was pointing out earlier in today's Matmos thread that I saw Rachel's and Matmos together on Halloween, 2000. Quite a coincidence that posts should pop up about each of them on MeFi the same day.
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Magical. Thanks for posting it.
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Hey, thanks.
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