Telegram from the Future
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kkerins made a dozen charming and moving fan videos out of public domain film and music by John Fahey, The Rachel's and others. Two to start with are "Fight On Christians! Fight On!" and "Wally, Egon and the Models in the Studio".
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You stole 666666 right out from under our conspiracy. That's ok because I've been used to being SILENCED ALL MY LIFE.
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Big fan of the Rachel's though. Always freaks me out to hear it on NPR. Rachel Grimes came to a show where my band opened for Melt Banana once.
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Interesting. I do love Music for Egon Schiele.
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Seeing the Rachel's in an art museum was one of my better concert experiences. My only grudge against them is they don't record nearly often enough.

The Russian Futurists' "Telegram from the Future" video is a bit of a problem, partly because I first saw the source film, "Design for Dreaming", on MST3k so there's a part of me that can't take it seriously, even in an entirely different context. Also, the audio is so bad that I'm afraid that once I listen to a Russian Futurists recording they may end up being an entirely different band than I was expecting.
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