A year of self portraits and other art by Brendon Burton
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Brendon Burton is now an 18-year-old photographer, who started taking/making a self portrait (almost) each day last April. In the beginning, they started out as simple photos from a young kid in high school. But as the year progressed, some images came with a soundtrack, others were collaborations. The photos became more staged and more cinematic. The series ended April 11th.

He has more work on his website and his Facebook page, some of which is also on his Tumblr, along with other images he finds inspirational.
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Via a comment by ericb when the series was far from done, on a post that I found indirectly from Ambrosia Voyeur.
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Nice photos, he has a lot of talent.
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This is remarkable. I completed a 365 project, so I have an idea of the discipline it takes. It impresses me that Burton stuck with a theme throughout the year and that his work got better and more complex.
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I have much admiration for him and I like his project. It took discipline, dedication and a lot of courage to reveal so much of himself. I'm glad that, in doing so, he discovered he is in fact an artist. Looking through all those shots was a bit like watching him grow through his senior year. I loved that he stretched himself and that he took advantage of the incredibly beautiful landscapes available to him. There was adolescent angst, to be sure, and some genuine existential questioning but there was also much charm in his meticulous naming of the flowers and trees in the beautiful "In Bloom:" series. I enjoyed the playful "King of River Stones" and thought the "Duke of Ferns" showed a real affinity for plants. I even get the idea he might be properly appreciating his privileged life. I hope he finds a good program with teachers who will challenge him. He's obviously bright and he is a beautiful boy. I love this post and hope he fulfills some of the wonderful promise shown here.

Thank you, filthy light thief, for this glimpse into the next generation.
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Just finished looking through every picture and reading every description. Incredibly beautiful phtography, but even more that, a novelistic look at the maturation of a young man much like myself. Thanks for the wonderful link.
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That is some talent. It was a sheer pleasure going through the gallery, looking at every single one of his pictures - some of these are absolutely amazing. He has clearly found his passion, and I can't wait to see where it will take him.
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I remember this but I hadn't kept following him. Thanks for putting this post together, filthy light thief.

I miss ericb.
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Another young photographer who recently caught my attention:

Young Photographer Takes Surreal Self-Portraits to Cope with Depression
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I even get the idea he might be properly appreciating his privileged life.

So loaded. So, so, so loaded. Your statement, I mean.
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It took me a while to go through this with my wicked slow DSL, but very cool and inspiring. Sort of creeps up on you. And what Anitanola said, spot on. Thanks!
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