Budgies Go Round And Round
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Someone in the UK really likes training budgies to ride little rides.
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I am experiencing simultaneously dizzying skyrockets of delight that this exists, and harrowing despair that I have wasted my life doing anything other than this.
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I discovered this earlier in the year and watch it whenever I need cheering up. It's a bit sad that their wings are clipped, but they are definitely pretty happy!
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Do budgies get motion sickness?

I guess you don't really have to worry about them being flung off the carousel....
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That seems like an excessive number of budgies. They're vegetarians, right?
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*Harry Potter spoilers*

A waterskiing budgie makes an appearance at the beginning of Harry Potter book V (Order of the Phoenix), when Harry is listening in vain to Muggle news for some hint that Voldemort's return is beginning to make itself felt:
"And finally, Bungy the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool this summer. Bungy, who lives at the Five Feathers in Barnsley, has learned to water-ski! ..."
Rowling knows her home Muggles pretty well, apparently.
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They're cute, but no Disco!

Gonna get that beeeelly!
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I like budgies as much as the next man.
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Also, all budgies in Britain are called Joey. Is this the case elsewhere?
Don't you dare contradict me, either.
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Marnie's owner needs to build her birds a ride. ("Wheee!")
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Cures both rage and angst; contains multiple doses.
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The budgie train is the cat equivalent of a sushi conveyor.
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Calzephyr: "It's a bit sad that their wings are clipped"

I'm curious how you know that. Can you tell by looking at them? The fact that none flies away? I only mention it because we had a couple of budgies back when I was a wee lad, and we'd occasionally let them fly around inside the house.
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I'm curious how you know that. Can you tell by looking at them?

On a bird that hasn't had there wings clipped you can see the longer primary flight feathers sticking out longer from its wing. These guys are clipped, but it doesn't mean they can't fly. Budgies can be strong flyers and adapt to clipped wings.
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Maybe it's different with other birds, but I know with chickens, wing clipping isn't permanent or invasive, you're only clipping feathers and they grow back. It's a good way to keep tame birds from getting into situations they aren't equipped to handle.
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I don't know much about budgies, so can anyone who does reassure me that they are enjoying this and not actually stressed by all the performing?
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Their body posture suggests they're relaxed - if they were frightened they would be zooming out of there altogether, clipped wings or not. Their willingness to interact with the equipment demonstrates that a good bit of time has been put into acclimating them to unfamiliar objects, especially with all the colors and sounds and movement. I notice the handler uses a step-up stick for some of them, suggesting he's sensitive to those ones being hand-shy, but he's still working with them, which is awesome. A lot of interaction time is happening, it looks like love to me.

Check out the bird toy aisle of the pet store some time, it's a visual cacophany of variety, because they crave novel colors, shapes and textures, and perches and things to climb and play on. Here for example is a budgie-scale commercial play stand. By comparison they might find the Christmas train a bit dull!
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There's one on the front of the train that definitely has a "what the hell am I doing with my life?" expression on its beaky little face.

Makes me proud to be British, this. Probably.
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looking at happy birds is one of my favourite things ever. so relaxing
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I watched this with my two year old son. His response, "those birds know how to tweet." Yup.
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My family has had beloved pet budgies, and these budgies look relaxed and pretty happy. They certainly look healthy. The chirping is standard budgie happy-chirping; they make other noises when distressed! Our budgies always loved chasing little toys and climbing on structures, so this seems like a pretty budgie-friendly performance.
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I guess it's just me that found the combination of tons of colourful birds, tinny fairground music, and budgies going round and round on a Christmas train nightmarishly disturbing?

(I also couldn't stop the constant background thought that her house must smell mainly of bird poo.)
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Wait, are we talking about Budgie?
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This is why there is an internet.
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